Vegan Ice Cream – Booja Booja’s ‘Stuff in a Tub’ (test page)

You had me at Booja Booja. Yes, I’ve fallen in love with a tub of ice cream. The slight caveman-esque name, ‘Booja Booja’ was part of the appeal but it was the amazing taste and pure ingredients that really did it for me. The gourmet cupid got me good!

For a dessert to contain a mere 4 ingredients and to be free from so much (dairy, soya, gluten, cholesterol, emulsifiers and stabilisers) you may start thinking this poor tub must be lacking in confidence and flavour. Not so. Amazingly, it tastes exactly like ice cream! I tried the Coconut Hullabaloo which is lusciously creamy and heavenly but with a much cleaner and lighter taste than any ice cream I’ve tried.


One spoonful of the Coconut Hullabaloo and I knew this was the ice cream brand for me. I may have even blackled what other flavours were available whilst eating the Coconut tub in front of me! I really should Tolle up, stayed more in the present moment and savoured the tub I had but it tasted so good that I had to find out what other exciting flavours I could try next!

Other Stuff in a Tub flavours include the quirkily named Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla, Hunky Punky Chocolate, Feisty Winjin Ginger and Pompompous Maple Pecan. With this great selection of flavours it is little surprise that ‘Stuff in a Tub’ won Best New Organic Food Product in 2007.

Purchase online at Goodness Direct for £5.99 or find Booja Booja’s Stuff in a Tub at health food stores (Booja Booja do not stock in supermarkets as they prefer to support the independent retail sector – now I love them even more!).

By the way the 4 ingredients in the Coconut Hullabaloo are water, agave, cashews and coconuts. So simple yet so scrumptious!