perciatelli-with-roasted-tomatoes-and-eggplantPerciatelli with Roasted Tomatoes and Eggplant
(Martha Stewart Living)
Perciatelli is similar to spaghetti, which you could also use in this recipe. This is a robust and flavour packed pasta with red and yellow peppers, basil, cayenne pepper and lots of tomatoes.
See recipe at Whole Living

ditalini-with-pesto-beans-and-broccoli-rabeDitalini with Pesto, Beans and Broccoli Rabe
(Bon Appetit, image:Susan Gentry McWhinney)
Ditalini or ‘other short tube-shaped pasta’ is the way to go with this dish containing cannellini beans and broccoli rabe. This recipe calls for store bought pesto so UK or European peeps may like to try Zest pesto (vegan or vegetarian options) which is my favourite.
See recipe at Epicurious

Eggplant Pasta Salad
(Sara Quessenberreggplant-pasta-salady, photo: Anna Williams)
This tasty pasta can be enjoyed hot or cold and would be a popular dish to take to a picnic or BBQ. The capers, white wine vinegar and pine nuts elevate this pasta from ‘blah’ to ‘can I have some more mama?’
See recipe at Real Simple.

spaghetti-with-olive-and-pine-nut-salsaSpaghetti with Olive and Pine Nut Salsa
(Gourmet, image: Romulo Yanes)
This recipe has a short list of ingredients and is super easy to prepare. The capers and dried hot red-pepper flakes add extra oomph also.
See recipe at Epicurious.

Pasta with Beet Greens
(Melissa Roberts, Image: Stephanie Foley)
Pepper your penne with some new ingredients such as beet greens (spinach or silver beet), black olives, pine nuts and golden raisins.
See recipe at Gourmet

Beany Pasta Pot (Good Food Magazine)

Here is a highly nutritious and filling pasta made with red pesto, borlotti beans and even an apple!
See recipe at BBC Good Food.

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Courgette ‘Pasta’ with Cashew Mint Cream
Any raw food enthusiasts or those looking for a new twist on pasta will enjoy this healthy and flavoursome dish! I’d love to know what you think of this courgette pseudo pasta.
See recipe at Waitrose.


  1. I’ve read ‘Ditalini with Pesto, Beans and Broccoli Babe’ 😀 I like this one so badly! Tried that at the restaurant in Bergamo.

  2. Wow!!! I love this. I want to eat all of these scrumptious pastas right now, but I will pace myself throughout the week! So yummy!

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