How to use: Scoop out pea size amount of balm with spatula provided, apply to face, remove with warm muslin cloth.

Feel on skin
: Rich and nourishing

: Natural fragance with menthol undertones

Skin types
: All skin types

Results: Skin appears to have more of a glow

Value for money
: Yes, because you need such a small amount and it lasts months

Who would like it?
Women that like luxurious products with pure ingredients

How to clean muslin cloth
: I thought it would be a pain cleaning the cloth after every use but a few drops of Dr Bronner’s soap cleans it well (then you can machine wash it weekly).

Would I buy it again?
The price did seem a lot at first but now that I see how long it lasts and how good it is for my skin, I would definitely buy it again.
Score: 10/10

More about the Organic Pharmacy’s Carrot Butter Cleanser
One application of the Organic Pharmacy’s Carrot Butter Cleanser and I immediately understood why it was a bestseller, award winner and celebrity favorite.

The nourishing ingredients of antioxidant packed carrots, moisturising shea butter and skin soothing lavender and chamomile combine to cleanse skin thoroughly yet gently. You only need a pea sized amount as it melts wonderfully onto dry skin before being washed off with a warm organic muslin cloth. When you see how much make up and city grime wipes off onto the cloth, you’ll either think, ‘darn, I wear a lot of makeup’ or ‘wow, this cleanser really does the job’.

This is a great first product to try from the Organic Pharmacy if you haven’t already sampled their luxurious products that are handmade in London and free from petrochemicals and artificial ingredients. I picked up this cleanser from their new Hampstead store where the staff are really helpful and friendly. I love having a new one stop shop for homeopathy, organic skincare, makeup and spa treatments.

Carrot Butter Cleanser – £29.95
Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth – £3.43

Green Lashes Budget Cleanser Tip
To save some money you can wash your face with honey. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and works well as a cleanser. I thought it would be way too sticky but it wasn’t and I was surprised at how easily it rubbed into the skin. Give it a try!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Want to use it on our next home cosmetical master-class for self skin caring.

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