This is how I picked up a lot of my takeaway meals when I was traveling through the States and New Zealand. I wanted to avoid using disposable plastic food containers, cutlery and carry bags for obvious environmental reasons but also because of health concerns about plastic leaching into food.

Anytime I ordered a meal, I would just hand over my stainless steel tiffin box and ask if I could have my food stored in there (BTW, that’s a lovely Thai meal in the photo). I thought I’d look somewhat dorky but restaurant staff were always so accommodating.

Taking your own reusable containers and cutlery is easy and reduces so much unnecessary plastic packaging. If you can try and do small things such as this, it will make a huge difference.


  1. Obviously, most people still don’t pay that much attention to the plastic in their home environment.
    It should take some time.

    But the benefits of not using it is huge. Especially after the confirmation which goes from the latest scientifical studies.

  2. I work at a restaurant and I love when people bring in their own containers. It inspired me to start doing the same 🙂

  3. We stopped using plastic containers couple years ago. Replaced with paper and glass ones. I like the result.

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