MIY (Make-it-Yourself) Designer Ballet Flats

I found this great budget busting, make-it-yourself idea in InStyle UK yesterday and just had to share it with you! What a clever way to transform a sad pair of ballet flats into designer lookalikes!

In the June issue of InStyle, Aleksandra Olenska recommends attaching vintage clip-on earrings to ballet flats and the picture of their cranberry red flats with 4 black and silver earrings did look incredibly chic.

I’ve tried to do my best with my tired and rather self-conscious pair of old black wannabe ballet flats, circa 1999 (at least 20 in shoe years and positively archaic for some shoe loving girls). I picked up the 2 pairs of vintage earrings today in Islington for under £5 and think they look quite pretty.

Once I get some new vegan ballet flats and start adorning them with various earrings for each day of the week, there will be no stopping me. I’m on a vintage earring treasure hunt now…

Need some inspiration to create your own bejewelled ballet flats? Visit Net-a-Porter for some designer ideas (Miu Miu in particular).


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