If you are a parent, know any teenage girls or are a teenage girl, you may want to read and pass on this list of 8 Green Product Changes every teen needs to make.

When you start reading scary statistics such as 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body, parabens mimicking estrogen*and propylene glycol altering skin structure**, it raises alarm bells and makes you think, ‘I wish I knew all this stuff when I was a teenager!’ Girls love delving into and experimenting with makeup so doesn’t it make sense to educate them now about what they are putting on their skin and effectively in their bodies? We have a list of teenage beauty staples that are not only eco friendly with safe ingredients but they are also just as good, fun and affordable as the products they were already using.

scin-care-raw-gaiaSkincare – Raw Gaia
Concern: parabens, synthetic fragrances, TEA, diazolidinyl urea
Raw Gaia offer extremely pure products and it would appear they are one of the most pure companies out there. Teenagers need to cleanse and moisturise regularly especially when skin starts to turn gnarly. Raw Gaia keep things simple yet effective with nourishing ingredients that are at their most beneficial and potent due to the cold pressed methods and organic ingredients used. Cleanse with the lovely floral waters, cold pressed and essential oils in ‘Living Facial Cleanser’ and moisturise with ‘For Her Daughters Living Moisturiser’.
Living Facial Cleanser £13.90
For Her Daughters Living Moisturiser £12.50

Budget Skincare Ideas: Cleanse with honey, tone with apple cider vinegar and moisturise with coconut oil.

soap-good-kaarmaSoap – Good Kaarma
Concern: preservatives, SLSs, synthetic fragrances, polyethylene
Good Kaarma’s organic soaps will get any teens attention thanks to the pretty decorative packaging, appealing names (Chocolate Bliss, Dance of the Dakini, Marmalade Queen) and amazing scents!
Good Kaarma Soap £3.50

weleda-tooth-pasteToothpaste – Weleda
Concern: sodium fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, chitosan, propylene glycol
If teens brush their teeth twice a day (fingers crossed) shouldn’t they use the most natural toothpastes on the market sans SLSs? Weleda’s Plant Gel is a refreshing spearmint and peppermint infused gel that tastes and performs even better than conventional brands. I have tested about 8 natural toothpastes and Weleda’s are the best I have come across.
Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste £3.25

aubrey-shampooShampoo & Conditioner – Aubrey Organics
Concern: parabens, SLSs, synthetic fragrances
Again, it is difficult too find a good pure performing organic shampoo that will stand the scrutiny of a hair obsessed teenage girl. Aubrey Organics offer hair products with safe ingredients and their popular GPB shampoo with organic ingredients such as aloe vera, orange pith, shea butter and jojoba and rosemary oils gives a girl luscious locks just as any other conventional shampoo would (suitable for all hair types).

GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Shampoo £8.99 (conditioner also £8.99)

weleda-deodorantDeodorant – Weleda
Concern: aluminium, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance, triclosan
The jury is still out on the link between aluminium in deodorant and cancer but isn’t it best to err on the side of caution, especially when there are many effective natural deodorant options available? How natural is it too stop the body sweating? If Julia Roberts shuns deodorant (heard that on Oprah) surely the teen in your life can too. Try the Weleda travel size deodorant sprays in wild rose, citrus or sage.

Weleda Travel Size Deodorant £4.50

lipgloss-lavera-and-earths-beauty-cosmeticsLipgloss – Lavera and Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics
Concern: parabens, lake colours, synthetic fragrance, BHT
Ahh, lip gloss! Usually the first and most loved beauty item for any girl, but who wants gloopy and toxic ingredients anywhere near their mouth? Achieve the same pretty shine factor minus the bad ingredients and opt for lovely lip glosses from either Lavera or Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics (8 ingredients!).

Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics Lip Glaze Pen £8.76 (pictured above)

mascara-laveraMascara – Lavera
Concern: parrafin, parabens, triethanalomine (TEA)
Maybe equal to lipgloss in a girl’s desert island must-haves. We all want flutter-licious lashes and again, Lavera are the people to turn too for quality and affordable natural cosmetics (certified by hard to please German certifying body BDIH). Lavera’s Volume Natural mascara is paraben free and heavy metal free (not too mention clump free). Perfect!

Lavera Volume Natural Mascara £9.69

Nail Polish – Toxic Free Boutique
Concerns: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthlate (DBP), toluene
Teens love nail polish and are probably the only demographic who can pull off hot pink candy coloured nails! If they are going to be applying shades as fast as they change moods, make sure they use the safest, most non-toxic brands out there. I think Toxic Free Boutique here in the UK are one of the best (free of the ‘big three’ and more – DBP, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and acetone). They even do a black one for thatphase many teens go through!

Toxic Free Boutique: Pitch Black, Mauvelicious, Star Fire (clear polish with ‘real sprinkling glitter’) all £8


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