I was so excited to find these beautiful glass straws and food storage containers. I’m not a fan of storing lovely, homemade meals in plastic containers as you hear so many frightening stories about plastic leaching toxins into your food. Not good!

The straws will come in handy now for summer too. You can enjoy delicious iced teas and smoothies with a pretty glass straw. You can even take one to work or to picnics (in a hemp or bamboo case) so you can say no to plastic when out and about. Straws are also great for protecting teeth from stains that can come from copious iced tea and coffee drinking (or sugar from fruit juice smoothies). Not only are these glass products reusable but don’t you think glass is just a lot more civilised and prettier than plastic?
glass-strawsGlass Straws from GlassDharma – Made in the USA
David Leonhardt, the creator of GlassDharma straws mentions that ‘as of March 2008, McDonald’s serves an average of 52 million meals per day (per their website)’ and asks us to consider how many of those customers were handed a disposable plastic straw! Opt for the reusable and safer alternative with GlassDharma and choose from three different straw styles and accessories that are all handmade in the USA. They are strong and durable (dishwasher safe) as they are made from borosilicate glass. GlassDharma even offer a ‘Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage’ and can repair or replace a broken straw.

There are three different straw styles to choose from:
Simple Elegance (opening image) – from $6 or a set of four with brush is $27
Decorative Dots – from $7
Beautiful Bends (pictured above) – from $8

Bamboo Hard Case

Store your glass straw in either the Hemp Soft Sleeve or Bamboo Hard Case (from $9).

Visit Glass Dharma to learn more or visit their online shop to purchase their products.


Glass Food Storage Containers – Made in the USA
I think these glass containers are wonderful and clearly many other people do too as they are all on back order at Free Market Organics until June 30, 2009. But that’s not long to wait and definitely worth it! Store your organic and seasonal delicacies in containers of various shapes and sizes from Anchor Hocking (‘made fairly in the USA’).

Various sizes available

2 cup – from $9.95 or four – $34
5 cup – $12.95
12 cup – $15.95
Small set of three – $32.50
Large set of three – $36


  1. I have used those glass storage containers from Anchor Hocking for years. They sell them at Crate & Barrel too. I love them. They keep food fresh and you can freeze in them too!

    I bought the glass straws a couple of months ago from Glass Dharma. They’re awesome!

    Nice to see these products being recommended. Love all your recommendations!

  2. Glass straws are so awesome, they could be used not only functionally, but as an interior object. I use them a lot.

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