Do-Ni vegan ballerinas are the sweetest shoes you will find and one of the few shoe labels out there that have a whole lot of soul and substance behind the style (forgive me, I had to have fun with the word soul just once). I was introduced to these stunning shoes via English Retread’s blog and now my feet and I could not be happier knowing that there are Do-Ni shoes in the world! Do-Ni translates to the word, ‘gifts’ in Italian and when you buy a pair of these precious shoes, 100% of the retail proceeds will be donated to participating non-profit organisations. You can choose from a wonderful range of beneficiaries that all help the planet, people and animals in profound ways (Animal Acres, Medicines Global and FA Home Away from Homelessness are just some examples of the worthy organizations).

Once you’ve selected your organization, the next decision involves picking your favorite shade of ballerina shoe! Not an easy decision when you see how designer worthy they all look with their lovely, French ribbon bows, luscious color range and the option of having an Audrey-esque medallion on either the black or champagne shoes!

Decisions and pretty shoes are never a good combination. I could ramble off numerous reasons for needing each and every pair on offer – black (quintessential classic), champagne (for when you are feeling fancy), grass (to prove green is glam), ruby (for a Dorothy moment) and amethyst (chic alternative to black).
do-ni-vegan-ballerina-shoes-2Whichever pair you pick, they are guaranteed to pretty-fy any outfit instantly and will look sublime day or night, with jeans or with a vintage dress. A girl definitely needs a pair of ballet flats in her shoe collection. You will live in them and practically start skipping with delight at how these shoes combine much desired comfort with lashings of style!

Designers Nancy Dong and Carlotta Fiorini not only added their immense amount of talent, creativity and compassion to these shoes but they also added their names to the label (Do from Dong + Ni from Fiorini = Do-Ni). Nancy has previously worked at Charmone and now has her own shoe collection, Kailia (will feature them in an upcoming post soon) and Carlotta has experience at Gucci and also has her own delicious shoe line, Carlotta Fiorini.

Do-Ni ballerina shoes are hand made in Portugal with the ‘best leather-free materials from Italy’, water based glues, recycled insole boards and ribbons from France. Ooh la la! The champagne and black ballerinas are $119 or $135 with medallion and the remaining grass, amethyst and ruby ballerinas are all $119.


  1. I was sure they’re from Argentinian designers, but it founds out that from Portuguese. Anyway – that’s a good job.

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