When I recently ran out of moisturiser and eye cream, I decided to reach for Akamuti’s Raspberry Seed Oil to see if it could carry me through. I’m so glad I did because this oil is my new best friend!

Akamuti’s Raspberry Seed Oil hydrates and nourishes the skin wonderfully with its omega fatty acids and vitamins E & A and the results are impressive. My skin looks healthy and clear. Even during this super hot week we have had in London, my skin has not looked greasy but rather refreshed and glowy. I was always wary of using oils as moisturizers because I thought I would look a little too shiny but this oil absorbs quickly and does the job of a moisturizer exceedingly well. I like the fact that I can now moisturize my skin with a product containing only one ingredient: cold pressed raspberry seed oil (cold pressed ingredients are extra potent as the benefits of the ingredients have not been destroyed through overheating).

As soon as I heard that Raspberry Seed Oil was reputed to have ‘fantastic anti-UV abilities’ and was ‘naturally high in SPF’ it was yet another reason to lather it on! Akamuti also explain that their Raspberry Seed Oil is ideal for distressed skin and helps to repair and condition the skin. My skin isn’t particularly distressed right now (me, on the other hand, that’s another story) but I have found the oil to be excellent for normal skin as well.

It’s working really well as an eye cream replacement also. I tap the teeniest amount under the eye area and wait 30 minutes before applying a concealer, which glides on without any creasing or cakey residue.

I love the small droplet glass bottle my oil came in (10ml). I drop a bit into my hand which warms it up and then just apply to the face (only a small amount is needed). I don’t detect a raspberry scent but more of a neutral aroma with nice Earl Grey tea undertones!

raspberry-seed-oilOTHER OILS TO TRY
I also noticed Akamuti stock lots of other oils (organic and fair trade options) which was rather fortuitous as I had recently been reading about the numerous uses for various oils and had planned to stock up on some for beauty and cleaning purposes. Akamuti stock olive oil which is amazing for polishing wood furniture, sesame oil which is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and which I just found out is recommended as the perfect moisturiser for my dosha, Vata (sorry to get so personal). They also have sweet almond oil which I want to try using as a base for making a body oil for summer by adding organic essential oils of orange and ginger perhaps).

Okay, I’m waffling now. Oils clearly get me excited but I just wanted to share this beauty find with you as I have been using it for the past few weeks now and have been impressed with the results and purity of the one ingredient!

Purchase Raspberry Seed Oil at Akamuti – 10ml for £2.95 or 100ml for £10


  1. SPF is the most important for such types of oil, you know. So I would definitely check this out at first more precisely.
    Take your time and read the labels.

  2. I used Akamuti. They really do have nice oils out there. Now use another brand, but raspberry oil is still in my fav list.

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