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7 Eco Products for the Kitchen

I have some great little eco products to share with you today that will help greenify your kitchen. Even if you frequent your kitchen as often as a vegan visits McDonalds, you may still find these products interesting. Recycled glass cake boards, tea towels, aprons and oven mits in organic fabrics (hold your excitement girls – there’s more!), mango wood salad servers, recycled paper lunch bags and fair trade rubber gloves! Move over Nigella, we have hemp oven mits and aprons and weren’t not afraid to use them!

Cake Board
Made in Spain
100% recycled glass
Perfect for presenting your homemade or store bought cakes (I won’t tell). Also great as a cheese board which I believe should feature one of the following cheeses: soft, hard, mature and stinky (sounds like I’m describing the judging panel on American Idol).
Eco Centric – £25

Mokimoe ‘Mirra’ Tea Towel
Made in the UK
Organic cotton, hemp and water based inks
This ‘almost too pretty to use’ tea towel is handmade and designed in the UK and available in either a cork or ink colour (shown above).
The Natural Store – £15

Mango Wood Salad Servers
Fair trade made in North India
Mango wood, oiled with linseed oil
These salad servers are made from mango wood, a renewable timber that is often discarded after bearing fruit. So now the mango tree can give us delicious fruit and the utensils to eat it with! Mango salad anyone?
The Amnesty Shop – £4.50

Organic Hemp Apron

organic-hemp-apronMade in Romania (sweatshop free) by Ecolution
42% hemp and 58% flax
Aprons. Perfect for the messy cook, the cautious cook and the pseudo cook that needs to strategically hang one in their kitchen to give the impression that much whisking, sieving and flambe-ing takes place in there! Available in 6 colours such as natural, orange and sage.
Downbound UK – £12.25

Recycled Paper Lunch Bags

recycled-paper-lunch-bagsMade in Ireland
Recycled Greaseproof Paper
If you take your lunch to work but wonder about what is the best eco friendly way to wrap up your sandwich or vegan cake (I know I’ve lost many a nights sleep pondering this), here is a good option. Say goodbye to gladwrap and go all ‘1950’s’ by using recycled paper lunch bags instead!
Currently sold out but worth noting for a future purchase perhaps.
The Amnesty Shop – £3.25 for box of 50

Fair Trade Rubber Gloves
fair-trade-rubber-glovesMade in the UK
Fair trade natural rubber latex, cotton flock lining
Sold out (before they are even on sale) but another product to remember for those times when you need to do some hardcore cleaning. Purchasing these fair trade rubber gloves will help support farmers of the Firstlight project in Sri Lanka.
Traidcraft – £1.10

Organic Hemp Oven Mits
Made in Romania (sweatshop free) by Ecolution
100% organic hemp which is biodegradable
Stay safe in the kitchen with this great pair of organic hemp oven mits which are available in brown, green, indigo or natural.
Downbound UK – £11.75


  1. Never met such tea towels… sounds attractive. Especially while I’m getting pretty tired of the ordinary towels which get out-of-service quite fast.

  2. Yeah, I’m also on to these ‘magic’ gloves… It seems to be much more healthy to use that these ‘chemical-ordinary-ruber gloves’ which we are used to.

  3. Wow! I want to try these latex rubber gloves. Never had even such an idea to look for them.
    Thanks for the advice.

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