You will love Canadian label, 2ReVert and their creative and cool jewellery made from ‘100% post-consumer recycled skateboards’. Here a few of my favourite picks from their Etsy store.

large-2in1-reversible-necklaceLarge 2in1 Reversible Necklace – $28
I’m captivated by the striking red, black and white colour combination of this reversible necklace. It’s slightly wild and tribal-esque. Wear with an organic black top, organic skinny jeans and quirky sandals and voila, you’re a head to toe, green glamazon!

small-purple-earringsSmall Purple Earrings (Style A313) – $32
I love how these earrings can twist and twirl around to reveal either the pretty purple side or the natural, wood side. Everyone will be asking where you got these unique earrings from.

Small Green Earrings (Style A313) – $32
Could there be a more fashionable way to show off your green status? These stunning earrings will add edge and style to any outfit but will also show others how incredible recycled jewellery can be!

earrings-wingsEarrings – Wings – $32
2ReVert’s wing style earrings are fabulous. This pair has a green and navy shade on one side and a plain wood look with red tips on the other side.

Teardrop Reversible Necklace – $28
It’s too difficult to try and select just a few necklaces for today’s post as each design is utterly striking. I do love this teardrop shaped necklace though and the soft pink shade on this side (natural wood and black is on the other side).

recycled-napkin-ring-holdersRecycled Napkin Ring Holders (Set of 6) – $48
Here’s another way to lure non-green friends over to the green side, when you hold your next dinner party. Once you explain the recycled skateboard origin of the napkin rings to your friends, (while wearing a recycled necklace or bangle of course) they’ll immediately be convinced that recycled jewellery and products are just as stylish, if not more stylish than conventional products.


  1. This idea is so close to me. It unites both some teenage mood with contemporary approach to one’s fashion accessories.

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