About a Cat

Did I mention our new rental place came with a cat? I’d never looked after or been around cats before but this little one has my heart. I’m now that girl that takes copious, cute pictures of ‘their’ cat and then shares them with people, on their blog.

Vintage Moschino JacketRokit (£85)

moschino-cheap-chic-jacketI have tried to put a green spin on today’s post. I present to you a vintage Moschino Cheap & Chic jacket, complete with a cat in the pocket. I do think someone could pull this look off. It’s probably not me though. I’ll stick with my rental cat, Miss Custard Powder (nickname I have given her because that is the name on the cardboard food box she loves to sleep in).

Who hasn’t had a day when they felt like this?

‘Tis a funny world. The cat world. All the fickleness, preening and purring. If anyone has a cat or has ‘cat whisperer’ abilities and wants to share some tips with me, that would be great because I know next to nothing!

No Plastic Packaging for Takeaway Meals

This is how I picked up a lot of my takeaway meals when I was traveling through the States and New Zealand. I wanted to avoid using disposable plastic food containers, cutlery and carry bags for obvious environmental reasons but also because of health concerns about plastic leaching into food.

Anytime I ordered a meal, I would just hand over my stainless steel tiffin box and ask if I could have my food stored in there (BTW, that’s a lovely Thai meal in the photo). I thought I’d look somewhat dorky but restaurant staff were always so accommodating.

Taking your own reusable containers and cutlery is easy and reduces so much unnecessary plastic packaging. If you can try and do small things such as this, it will make a huge difference.