28 Ways to Become a Little Greener in 2017

If you want some ideas on how you can start living an even greener, cleaner life this new year, perhaps this list will help. I’ve written down all the best green discoveries I made during 2009 (or earlier) and hopefully some of the actions will help or inspire you! Any more tips or suggestions would be welcome as I love learning about ways to tread more lightly and kindly on the planet. Thank you!

  1. Start the day the organic way. I love organic weetabix (Doves Farm Organic’s Whole Wheat Cereal Biscuits) and organic oat milk.
  2. If you prefer to whip up a smoothie or juice at breakfast time, why not try using a glass straw from Glass Dharma?
  3. Enjoy a healthy morning drink of hot water, one tsp of organic apple cider vinegar and one tsp of organic honey (and reuse tea cup throughout the day to save washing).
  4. To conserve water, I only fill the jug with as much water as I need.
  5. I also turn the tap off when brushing my teeth and washing my hands.
  6. I constantly praise the power of the coconut. Organic and fair trade coconut oil is truly pure and makes an excellent moisturiser for the face and body (its also great as an eye make up remover).
  7. I won’t lie, finding an organic and natural shampoo that worked as well as a mainstream, popular shampoo has been challenging. The one that has impressed me the most has been Green People’s Intensive Repair Shampoo.
  8. I haven’t used a conditioner for ages, preferring instead to massage my scalp and locks with coconut or almond oil with lavender before washing the oils out with shampoo.
  9. I’ve switched from a body wash to a bar of soap to save on excess plastic packaging. I love Dr. Bronner’s Citrus Orange Organic Bar Soap made with sustainably sourced palm oil.
  10. I brush my teeth with Preserve’s toothbrush made in the USA from recycled plastic. I favour organic and natural toothpastes from Green People or Weleda.
  11. Keep your makeup pretty but natural. My cosmetic staples include Lavera mascara, All The Better To Kiss You With Lip Balm in Chai Mandarin, Perfect Organics’ Lip and Cheek Shimmer in London, Borlind Eyeliner and Intelligent Nutrients Aromatic Spray in Awaken.
  12. For clothing, I shop at vintage stores, eco boutiques or online eco stores and sites such as Etsy. I don’t actually shop too much as I try to be creative with the clothes I already own.
  13. I’ve been chuffed with the vintage fashion I’ve found at my local Oxfam store and places such as It’s A Wrap in LA. I’ve picked up great scarves, cardigans, jackets, dresses and shoes that are unique and were sold at bargain prices!
  14. Whether I’m shopping for groceries or clothes, I proudly and stubbornly use my reusable bags.
  15. Instead of a plastic or aluminium water boter, try reusing a glass bottle.
  16. Keep your home and yourself healthy by spritzing a bottle of water filled with eucalyptus essential oil around the house, bedrooms, bathrooms and on television remotes and door handles.
  17. Steam inhalations with eucalyptus essential oil also keep me healthy during winter (as well as spoonfuls of honey and salt water gargles).
  18. Reuse glass jars for storing food in your fridge and freezer.
  19. Bless bicarbonate of soda! It can clean your house, whiten teeth, remove tea stains from cups and can even be used as a deodorant.
  20. Deal with aches and pains with essential oils and apple cider vinegar. For headaches try rubbing lavender onto the temples neat and for stomach cramps during that time of the month, try lavender and sweet almond oil. Peppermint oil mixed with any base oil is also great for any other tummy trouble. Apple cider vinegar can be swiped over aching muscles to ease discomfort.
  21. Peppermint oil can also be sprinkled on organic cotton wool and left around the kitchen or house to keep mice and the like away.


  22. Hang a mesh bag in your closet filled with fresh rosemary or broken cinnamon sticks to keep moths away. Lavender sprinkled organic cotton wool also helps.
  23. Do your laundry on the lowest temperature and try using soap nuts. Add a splash of vinegar for a natural fabric softener and remember to try and dry your clothes naturally.
  24. Dust the house with e-cloths.
  25. Try using olive oil on wooden furniture. I love how it makes everything look so polished and shiny.
  26. Inspiring website discoveries over the past few months have included Kind Over Matter, Jason Mraz’s Freshness Factor Five Thousand and Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life.
  27. Amazing vegan food discoveries during 2009 included Booja Booja Hazelnut Truffles and Ice Creams, Plamil’s Organic Orange Chocolate, Zest’s Vegan Pesto and Mexican Sauce (for super quick and easy dinners) and dessert treats from The Living Food Kitchen(I could write a song about the deliciousness of their Goji Berry Christmas Pudding and Chocolate Mousse).
  28. I love to finish the day, English granny style with a cup of Pukka tea. I absolutely love the Protect tea made with organic jasmine green tea and cardamom.

Beauty Review – Inika Mineral Foundation

With the party and gift giving season well and truly upon us, it may help to learn about a great mineral foundation I’ve found. Inika’s award-winning Mineral Foundation provides your skin with everything you could want from a foundation – excellent coverage of flaws, natural looking and light enough so that your skin can still breath! This foundation can also be used as a concealer.

Many mineral foundations contain nasty talc and bismuth oxychloride, but Inika avoid these along with preservatives such as parabens, preferring to keep it simple with only the following ingredients:

Mica (CI 77019) May contain (+/-) Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891); Zinc Oxide (CI 77947); Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499); Ultramarines (CI 77007).

To ensure the foundation stays put throughout the day and night with a fantastic consistency, I’d suggest using Inika’s primer. This lovely cream is applied after your moisturiser (or can be used without a moisturiser) and is a vital step in getting the most from your mineral foundation. I love the botanical scent and the fact the ingredients are certified organic.

inika-vegan-kabuki-brushVegan girls will love Inika’s award-winning, Vegan Kabuki Brush which is perfect for applying the mineral foundation. This brush is big, fluffy and enables you to distribute the foundation evenly around your face with large and gentle brush strokes (that are super soft). Even the wood from the brush handle is ‘sourced from sustainable forestry.’

You’ll find the Inika range of cosmetics looks ultra luxurious. The sleek, Cleopatra shades of black and gold packaging make each product look equal to any pot or jar of Chanel or Dior. Inika also have a broad selection of foundation shades to choose from, so finding the right shade for your skin should be a breeze. I tend to like choosing a shade a smidge darker than I usually would as it provides a nice, sun-kissed glow.

All three products can be purchased at Content – Mineral Foundation(£21.46).

the-inika-line-of-cosmeticsContent are also selling a gorgeous Christmas pack at the moment filled with Inika goodies. You will find a medium pot of foundation, mini Kabuki Brush and organic Berry Lip Whip in a classy gold purse.

The Inika line of cosmetics and brushes are certified vegan (by the Vegan Society), are 100% certified cruelty free (Choose Cruelty Free) and are made in Australia. To learn more about Inika, you can visit their website.

Is There a Dr Bronner in the House?

Every household needs soap but what soap do you choose when you have concerns about skincare ingredients and their effects on your body and the waterways they wash off into?

You’ve probably heard scary and alarming stats about the skin absorbing 60% of what is put on it and also how palm oil (a staple ingredient in soaps and oh so much more) is contributing rapidly to deforestation. Wow, that’s a lot of guilt from one simple shower or hand wash! Soap should wash our sins away not add to them!


Since learning all this, I’ve been favouring Dr Bronner for my shower and hand soaps. Initially I was bamboozled by the plethora of print on Dr Bronner’s labels and thought it was a bit expensive here in the UK but once I purchased a bottle and diluted it, I found it lasted a very long time. I also found it came in really handy for many things around the house such as making my own dishwashing liquid and for removing stubborn stains (a drop of baby mild liquid soap removed a stain on wood surface that a regular cleaner could not).

Dr Bronner soaps are clearly the eco leaders in soap land and I think it’s great how these latherlicious soaps are so considerate of people and the environment!

Fair Trade Ingredients (IMO certified)
Organic Ingredients (Oregon Tilth)
Fair Trade Palm Oil from Ghana. Production of their oils ‘does not contribute to deforestation’.
‘100% Post-Consumer Recycled Cylinder Bottles and Paper Labels’
Completely biodegradable
Not tested on animals

Classic Liquid Soaps
Water, Saponified Organic Coconut, Organic Palm and Organic Olive Oils, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils, Citric Acid, Vitamin E


Citrus Orange Organic Bar Soap – Ingredients
Saponified Organic Coconut Oil*, Saponified Organic Palm Oil*,
Saponified Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Glycerin, Water, Organic
Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba)
Seed Oil, Organic Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Organic Citrus
Medica Limonum (Lemon) Oil, Organic Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil,
Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Tocopherol (Vit. E), (* Certified Fair
Trade by IMO)

Brushing teeth (although I haven’t tried that yet)
Cleaning – diluted or neat

  • Triclosan – anti-bacterial agent that is a ‘probable endocrine disruptor and carcinogen’
  • Triethanolamine TEA – ‘immune system toxicant and possible carcinogen’
  • Propylene Glycol – ‘alters skin structure, allowing other chemicals to penetrate deep into the skin’
  • SLS Sodium Laureth Sulfate – foaming agent that can alter skin structure
  • Phenoxyethanol – preservative
  • Parabens – may alter hormone levels
  • Artificial Fragrances & Colours

– Source: Teens Turning Green


Pretty: Rose or Lavender
With antiseptic oils: Eucalyptus or Tea Tree
Strong but pleasant scent: Peppermint or Almond
Unscented: Baby Mild
My favourite: Citrus Orange (zesty, summery and uplifting!)

Available in many convenient sizes
2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz and 1 gallon

Where to purchase
Visit Dr Bronner to learn more (and view the range of organic Pump Soaps) or UK peeps can purchase online at Love Lula (236ml liquid soaps at £4.99 / organic soap bars £3.50) or check your local health food store.

Review – Carrot Butter Cleanser by The Organic Pharmacy

How to use: Scoop out pea size amount of balm with spatula provided, apply to face, remove with warm muslin cloth.

Feel on skin
: Rich and nourishing

: Natural fragance with menthol undertones

Skin types
: All skin types

Results: Skin appears to have more of a glow

Value for money
: Yes, because you need such a small amount and it lasts months

Who would like it?
Women that like luxurious products with pure ingredients

How to clean muslin cloth
: I thought it would be a pain cleaning the cloth after every use but a few drops of Dr Bronner’s soap cleans it well (then you can machine wash it weekly).

Would I buy it again?
The price did seem a lot at first but now that I see how long it lasts and how good it is for my skin, I would definitely buy it again.
Score: 10/10

More about the Organic Pharmacy’s Carrot Butter Cleanser
One application of the Organic Pharmacy’s Carrot Butter Cleanser and I immediately understood why it was a bestseller, award winner and celebrity favorite.

The nourishing ingredients of antioxidant packed carrots, moisturising shea butter and skin soothing lavender and chamomile combine to cleanse skin thoroughly yet gently. You only need a pea sized amount as it melts wonderfully onto dry skin before being washed off with a warm organic muslin cloth. When you see how much make up and city grime wipes off onto the cloth, you’ll either think, ‘darn, I wear a lot of makeup’ or ‘wow, this cleanser really does the job’.

This is a great first product to try from the Organic Pharmacy if you haven’t already sampled their luxurious products that are handmade in London and free from petrochemicals and artificial ingredients. I picked up this cleanser from their new Hampstead store where the staff are really helpful and friendly. I love having a new one stop shop for homeopathy, organic skincare, makeup and spa treatments.

Carrot Butter Cleanser – £29.95
Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth – £3.43

Green Lashes Budget Cleanser Tip
To save some money you can wash your face with honey. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and works well as a cleanser. I thought it would be way too sticky but it wasn’t and I was surprised at how easily it rubbed into the skin. Give it a try!

Vegan Lipstick – Perfect Organics Lip and Cheek Shimmers

The Green Girls Answer to Nars The Multiple!

Why do I love these Lip and Cheek Shimmers so much? Is it because they contain organic and vegan ingredients or because each shade is named after stylish destination cities that appeal to the global nomad within? Whatever the reason, all vegan girls can get those colour deprived nude lips ready for a make over because the colour range from Perfect Organics is divine.

Choose from pretty pinks (Tokyo and Cairo), peaches (Faz), ‘sparkling swirls of lilac’ (Sydney) or earthy browns (DC and Santiago). Being a former Sydney sider now living in London, I was understandably torn between the lilac of Sydney and the ‘golden burgundy’ of London. London won out in the end as my pale winter skin needed a strong colour to perk my face up.

The ingredient list is fantastically minimal and contains lip loving organic argan, coconut and macadamia nut oils and softening organic shea butter. I particularly love the addition of organic peppermint essential oil which creates a delicious chocolate peppermint crisp / mingle scent!

I wasn’t sure the colour would be strong enough on the lips and soft enough on the cheeks when I read the word ‘shimmer’, but the coverage from the London shade is spot on. Lips are a terracotta shimmery brown and cheeks have a dewy ‘I look like I just did my daily ashtanga class but really didn’t’ kind of flushed look. Perfect!

Purchase online at Naturisimo (£14.99 each – 4 shades available).
Purchase online at Perfect Organics (US$18.99 each – all 7 shades available).

Green Your Teen – 8 Eco Products Every Teenage Girl Should Be Using

If you are a parent, know any teenage girls or are a teenage girl, you may want to read and pass on this list of 8 Green Product Changes every teen needs to make.

When you start reading scary statistics such as 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body, parabens mimicking estrogen*and propylene glycol altering skin structure**, it raises alarm bells and makes you think, ‘I wish I knew all this stuff when I was a teenager!’ Girls love delving into and experimenting with makeup so doesn’t it make sense to educate them now about what they are putting on their skin and effectively in their bodies? We have a list of teenage beauty staples that are not only eco friendly with safe ingredients but they are also just as good, fun and affordable as the products they were already using.

scin-care-raw-gaiaSkincare – Raw Gaia
Concern: parabens, synthetic fragrances, TEA, diazolidinyl urea
Raw Gaia offer extremely pure products and it would appear they are one of the most pure companies out there. Teenagers need to cleanse and moisturise regularly especially when skin starts to turn gnarly. Raw Gaia keep things simple yet effective with nourishing ingredients that are at their most beneficial and potent due to the cold pressed methods and organic ingredients used. Cleanse with the lovely floral waters, cold pressed and essential oils in ‘Living Facial Cleanser’ and moisturise with ‘For Her Daughters Living Moisturiser’.
Living Facial Cleanser £13.90
For Her Daughters Living Moisturiser £12.50

Budget Skincare Ideas: Cleanse with honey, tone with apple cider vinegar and moisturise with coconut oil.

soap-good-kaarmaSoap – Good Kaarma
Concern: preservatives, SLSs, synthetic fragrances, polyethylene
Good Kaarma’s organic soaps will get any teens attention thanks to the pretty decorative packaging, appealing names (Chocolate Bliss, Dance of the Dakini, Marmalade Queen) and amazing scents!
Good Kaarma Soap £3.50

weleda-tooth-pasteToothpaste – Weleda
Concern: sodium fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, chitosan, propylene glycol
If teens brush their teeth twice a day (fingers crossed) shouldn’t they use the most natural toothpastes on the market sans SLSs? Weleda’s Plant Gel is a refreshing spearmint and peppermint infused gel that tastes and performs even better than conventional brands. I have tested about 8 natural toothpastes and Weleda’s are the best I have come across.
Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste £3.25

aubrey-shampooShampoo & Conditioner – Aubrey Organics
Concern: parabens, SLSs, synthetic fragrances
Again, it is difficult too find a good pure performing organic shampoo that will stand the scrutiny of a hair obsessed teenage girl. Aubrey Organics offer hair products with safe ingredients and their popular GPB shampoo with organic ingredients such as aloe vera, orange pith, shea butter and jojoba and rosemary oils gives a girl luscious locks just as any other conventional shampoo would (suitable for all hair types).

GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Shampoo £8.99 (conditioner also £8.99)

weleda-deodorantDeodorant – Weleda
Concern: aluminium, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance, triclosan
The jury is still out on the link between aluminium in deodorant and cancer but isn’t it best to err on the side of caution, especially when there are many effective natural deodorant options available? How natural is it too stop the body sweating? If Julia Roberts shuns deodorant (heard that on Oprah) surely the teen in your life can too. Try the Weleda travel size deodorant sprays in wild rose, citrus or sage.

Weleda Travel Size Deodorant £4.50

lipgloss-lavera-and-earths-beauty-cosmeticsLipgloss – Lavera and Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics
Concern: parabens, lake colours, synthetic fragrance, BHT
Ahh, lip gloss! Usually the first and most loved beauty item for any girl, but who wants gloopy and toxic ingredients anywhere near their mouth? Achieve the same pretty shine factor minus the bad ingredients and opt for lovely lip glosses from either Lavera or Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics (8 ingredients!).

Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics Lip Glaze Pen £8.76 (pictured above)

mascara-laveraMascara – Lavera
Concern: parrafin, parabens, triethanalomine (TEA)
Maybe equal to lipgloss in a girl’s desert island must-haves. We all want flutter-licious lashes and again, Lavera are the people to turn too for quality and affordable natural cosmetics (certified by hard to please German certifying body BDIH). Lavera’s Volume Natural mascara is paraben free and heavy metal free (not too mention clump free). Perfect!

Lavera Volume Natural Mascara £9.69

Nail Polish – Toxic Free Boutique
Concerns: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthlate (DBP), toluene
Teens love nail polish and are probably the only demographic who can pull off hot pink candy coloured nails! If they are going to be applying shades as fast as they change moods, make sure they use the safest, most non-toxic brands out there. I think Toxic Free Boutique here in the UK are one of the best (free of the ‘big three’ and more – DBP, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and acetone). They even do a black one for thatphase many teens go through!

Toxic Free Boutique: Pitch Black, Mauvelicious, Star Fire (clear polish with ‘real sprinkling glitter’) all £8

Organic Shampoos from Aubrey Organics

I’d been wanting to try some Aubrey shampoos for a while now after scanning and approving their certified organic ingredients lists, reading rave customers reviews and even learning SJP herself was a rumoured fan.

Aubrey Organics clearly know what they are doing when it comes to organic hair and skin care products. They have been active since 1967 and work hard to ensure their products are truly good for us girls and the planet.

GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Shampoo
For All Hair Types
The soy protein and lactalbumin ingredients pack a protein punch for the hair! Other organic ingredients such as orange pith juice provide a shine factor effect and pure aloe vera and shea butter combine to leave hair feeling soft and silky. My hair felt clean and noticeably softer after the first wash. Myself and my hair finally felt ready to do a slow motion Charlie’s Angels hair toss (you know how it goes: remove motorbike helmet and let your new fabulous and soft cascading locks tumble down which induces sighs of envy amongst women everywhere).
Aubrey Organics UK £8.80

Pure Organic Aloe Vera (not from concentrate) , Organic Orange Pith Juice , Coconut Oil-Corn Oil Soap , with Quillaya Bark (Saponin) , Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (made from organic non-GMO soybeans) , Carrageenan , Organic Shea Butter , Lactalbumin , Organic Evening Primrose Oil , Organic Jojoba Oil , Balsam Oil , Organic Rosemary Oil , Aubrey’s Preservative: (Citrus Seed Extract , Vitamin A , Vitamin C , and Vitamin E)

aubrey-rosa-shampooRose Mosqueta Rose Hip Herbal Shampoo
For Colour Treated Hair
Be a true Rose Mosqueta Senorita with this vitamin rich shampoo filled with organic ingredients to enhance and maintain colour. Corn syrup gently rinses away chlorine while shea butter works to fight colour fading. This shampoo delivers just like the GPB shampoo and I liked how the rose scent (courtesy of exotic rose hip seed oil) was very subtle and obviously balanced out by the other essential oils of lavender, bergamot and ylang and ylang.
Aubrey Organics UK £8.80

Deionized Water , Coconut Oil-Corn Oil Soap , Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (made from organic, non-GMO soybeans) , Organic Corn Syrup , Carrageenan , Organic Aloe Vera , Organic Shea Butter , Organic Rosa Mosqueta® Rose Hip Seed Oil , St. John’s Wort Oil , Horsetail Extract , Coltsfoot Extract , Aminobenzoic Acid , Essential Oil Blend: (Lavender Oil , Bergamot Oil , and Ylang Ylang) , Aubrey’s Preservative: (Citrus Seed Extract , Vitamin A , Vitamin C , and Vitamin E)

Review – Nature’s Hydrating Mist by Living Nature

Every girl will benefit from having this toner in her handbag. For all those moments during winter or summer when your skin needs to be instantly refreshed, just spray your face and body with this lovely natural mist. It contains skin refreshing oils such as geranium, bergamot, cedarwood and manuka as well as plant extracts from the native Harakeke plant which is considered to be the New Zealand equivalent to aloe vera.

How to use: Shake before spritzing onto face or body

Feel on skin: Refreshing and hydrating. Like walking through a rain forest!

Scent: Pleasant, pure and natural

Skin Types: All skin types

Results: Leaves skin feeling taught and hydrated. Great relief for dehydrated winter skin (and cooling during hot summer months).

Value for money: Yes. The bottle is quite large (100ml) and would go a long way.

Who would like it? Perfect for women 9 to 5–ing in stuffy heated offices, frequent flyers who can constantly hydrate (and the 100ml size meets the liquid criteria for ‘carry on’ luggage). Active sporty women can also pop this into their gym bags to use on the body!

Would I buy it again? Yes, because it suits my lifestyle. I can spritz away during the day in the office or when rushing about the city. It’s a more refined way to get that ‘just splashed my face with water’ feeling.

Score: 9/10

Full Ingredient List
Aqua (water), Vegetable glycerine, Citrus grandis (grapefruit seed extract), Pelargonium graveolens (geranium oil), Citrus bergamia (bergamot oil), Ocimum basilicum (basil oil), Rosmarinus offi cinalis (rosemary oil), Juniperus virginiana (cedarwood oil), Phormium tenax (fl ax extract), Leptospermum scorparium (manuka oil), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil), Limonene*, Citral*, Citronellol*, Linalool*. *component of natural essential oils .

Purchase at Living Nature and get 20% off (limited time only) £11.74

12 Natural Beauty Tips for Summer

Peppermint Tea Toner
Next time you’re brewing a cup of peppermint tea, be sure to make a little extra because you can use it as an ultra cooling spray and toner. Once the tea has cooled, pour it into a spray / spritz bottle, refrigerate and then spritz when and as you need throughout your day. The perfect way to stay refreshed during summer!


Organic Peppermint tea bags available from Clipper Teas or try loose leaf Organic Peppermint Tea from £4.75 – Steenbergs Organic.


Treat the Tresses
Overexposure to the sun can leave your hair dry and brittle, so summer is definitely the time to treat the tresses with moisturising oils and hair masks. Try massaging a small amount of either coconut oil or jojoba oil into the scalp and hair and leave for 30 minutes or so before you shampoo out.

For another fuss free way to feed your hair, try mashing one banana with two tablespoons of olive oil and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing out. Or try the Coconut Cream Rinse described by Barbara Close in The Spa Deck. You will need coconut milk, honey and a fresh vanilla bean (fresh grated coconut meat is also recommended but there’s no way I’ll get that together).


No Sweaty Bettys
Many aluminium eschewing girls get slightly nervous during the summer months, worrying that their natural deodorant won’t carry them through a hot summer’s day sufficiently. I have found the best natural deodorant to be Weleda’s Citrus Deodorant which is the perfect aroma for summer and also doubles as a lovely body spray (I even read Kate Hudson used Weleda’s rose spray deodorant as a hair spray but I haven’t tried doing this yet). If you want to go a step further towards natural beauty, you could try using bicarbonate of soda or lemon slices (apparently some Mediterranean women do this). I have tried both and found the bicarb soda to be particularly effective.


grapefruit-pink-essential-oilGrapefruit Body Spray
I noticed the other day that Origins do a Grapefruit body mist that sounded quite sublime for this time of year, but I wonder if an organic and pure version of this exists? Perhaps a spritz bottle, distilled water and some organic grapefruit essential oil could achieve similar results? I haven’t tried it yet but I imagine a spritz of grapefruit mist now and then throughout a hot and humid day, would be quite blissful! Grapefruit Essential Oil available at Akamuti for £2.50.

Summer Make Up
A girl’s beauty kit needs to be reviewed during summer to accommodate the sheen, shine and grime that comes from the summer weather. Firstly, switch heavy foundations for tinted moisturisers. There are some incredible natural tinted moisturisers available (3 Great Natural Tinted Moisturisers Reviewed) but if you don’t want to spend money on those, why not try ‘diluting’ your foundation by mixing it with a moisturiser you are already using. This is an easy and cost effective way to recreate the same light but effective coverage a tinted moisturiser provides. Suki Tinted Active Moisturiser available at Your Natural Beauty Store for £24.99

Switch powdered blushes for cream based ones. Suki Color Pure Cream Stain is a fantastic little pot to carry with you as it adds a soft and flattering dab of colour to the cheeks and lips.

tan-with-teaTan with Tea
Apparently you can tan your skin with tea. You can use black tea and either wring the tea bag out before swiping over the body (as recommended by Daily Candy) or pour black tea into a spritz bottle for a truly natural spray tan. I also read in Healthy and Organic Living magazine that taking a rooibos tea bath is another way to tan the skin and get a healthy glow. Organic Rooibos Tea, from Clipper Teas or Steenbergs Organic, from £2.65


Foot Soak
Green girls may not have an organic or natural nail salon in their city and therefore cannot enjoy the luxury of getting an organic pedicure. You can try and replicate the experience at home though by using a small tub and filling it with water, essential oils like peppermint, salt to detoxify and even some chopped cucumbers and orange and lemon slices! Play a little Colbie Caillat and let the stresses of the day evaporate away. To finish off the natural home pedicure experience, exfoliate the feet with an olive oil and salt scrub and then apply a moisturiser such as shea butter or coconut oil.


Get Your Bali On
For girls who have spent the day in the sun or just desire a Balinese twinged treat for dry skin, try Badger Balm’s Bali Balm. It contains cocoa and shea butters, jojoba and olive oils with essential oils of ylang ylang, lime, lavender and sweet orange. Available at Badger Balm for $10 or So Organic for £4.39

Buff that Bod
Shorter skirts, shorts, dresses and sleeveless tops require a lot more skin to be revealed during summer, so it’s a good idea to exfoliate your body to keep your skin looking its best. To save money on expensive body exfoliants and scrubs, try making your own concoctions at home. Here a few ideas:

  • ground rice and coconut milk
  • brown sugar and sweet almond oil
  • salt, olive oil and your favourite organic essential oil

citrus-oilCitrus Body Oil
Try making your own lush body oil at home with a base of either sweet almond, jojoba or sesame oil and then add your favorite summer soaked essential oils such as lemon, lime, mandarin, neroli, orange or bergamot. If you can’t vacation in beautiful Mediterranean locations such as Sicily and Capri, at least you can capture the scent of a sizzling island.

Sweet Feet
Your feet need extra care during summer. They’ve spent winter and spring hidden away in thick socks and boots and then all of a sudden they are thrust into the world and poked into skimpy, intricate, strappy sandals! No wonder they rebel and give you blisters and iffy looking heels. Try to lather the feet with nourishing moisturisers such as shea butter or coconut oil each night and you should have pretty tootsies in no time!

Beach Babe Hair
If you want beach tussled waves that usually come courtesy of daily swims in the ocean and good genetics, you could try John Masters Organics Sea Mist Salt Spray with Lavender. It contains only three ingredients: water, sea salt and organic lavender oil. I’m going to try and make a version of this at home and hope my hair looks Copacabana ready. Speaking of Brazil, I read a hair tip from Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bunchen that needs to be shared. She recommended flipping your hair over your head and then gently holding the ends of the hair and shaking it from side to side before flipping the hair back. It sounds too simple to be true, but I’ve tried it and amazingly it does give your hair a more full, tousled and beach wavey look! Try it and see what you think.

Beauty Review: Akamuti Raspberry Seed Oil

When I recently ran out of moisturiser and eye cream, I decided to reach for Akamuti’s Raspberry Seed Oil to see if it could carry me through. I’m so glad I did because this oil is my new best friend!

Akamuti’s Raspberry Seed Oil hydrates and nourishes the skin wonderfully with its omega fatty acids and vitamins E & A and the results are impressive. My skin looks healthy and clear. Even during this super hot week we have had in London, my skin has not looked greasy but rather refreshed and glowy. I was always wary of using oils as moisturizers because I thought I would look a little too shiny but this oil absorbs quickly and does the job of a moisturizer exceedingly well. I like the fact that I can now moisturize my skin with a product containing only one ingredient: cold pressed raspberry seed oil (cold pressed ingredients are extra potent as the benefits of the ingredients have not been destroyed through overheating).

As soon as I heard that Raspberry Seed Oil was reputed to have ‘fantastic anti-UV abilities’ and was ‘naturally high in SPF’ it was yet another reason to lather it on! Akamuti also explain that their Raspberry Seed Oil is ideal for distressed skin and helps to repair and condition the skin. My skin isn’t particularly distressed right now (me, on the other hand, that’s another story) but I have found the oil to be excellent for normal skin as well.

It’s working really well as an eye cream replacement also. I tap the teeniest amount under the eye area and wait 30 minutes before applying a concealer, which glides on without any creasing or cakey residue.

I love the small droplet glass bottle my oil came in (10ml). I drop a bit into my hand which warms it up and then just apply to the face (only a small amount is needed). I don’t detect a raspberry scent but more of a neutral aroma with nice Earl Grey tea undertones!

raspberry-seed-oilOTHER OILS TO TRY
I also noticed Akamuti stock lots of other oils (organic and fair trade options) which was rather fortuitous as I had recently been reading about the numerous uses for various oils and had planned to stock up on some for beauty and cleaning purposes. Akamuti stock olive oil which is amazing for polishing wood furniture, sesame oil which is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and which I just found out is recommended as the perfect moisturiser for my dosha, Vata (sorry to get so personal). They also have sweet almond oil which I want to try using as a base for making a body oil for summer by adding organic essential oils of orange and ginger perhaps).

Okay, I’m waffling now. Oils clearly get me excited but I just wanted to share this beauty find with you as I have been using it for the past few weeks now and have been impressed with the results and purity of the one ingredient!

Purchase Raspberry Seed Oil at Akamuti – 10ml for £2.95 or 100ml for £10