My London Travel Guide in the New Issue of Coco Eco Magazine

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know the new issue of Coco Eco magazine is out now which is especially exciting for me for two reasons. Firstly, Issue 6 is the first annual resort issue and is overflowing with gorgeous swimsuit fashion, summer beauty ideas and much more eco loveliness!

This is also the first issue featuring one of my articles! I am now working as the Travel Editor at Coco Eco and have written a green guide to London that covers all the best and most stylish places to shop, eat, indulge and sleep. I would love you to check out the magazine (and my article). You’ll be ready to be a true green goddess this summer after reading Coco Eco’s Resort Issue!

I look forward to sharing with you my next green travel guide to another must-visit city soon.

Thank you everyone for visiting Green Lashes and Fashion each day and for liking it enough to subscribe. I truly appreciate your support!

Best wishes and have a great August!

View the new issue and eco-chic travel guide to London – Coco Eco – Issue 6

MIY (Make-it-Yourself) Designer Ballet Flats

I found this great budget busting, make-it-yourself idea in InStyle UK yesterday and just had to share it with you! What a clever way to transform a sad pair of ballet flats into designer lookalikes!

In the June issue of InStyle, Aleksandra Olenska recommends attaching vintage clip-on earrings to ballet flats and the picture of their cranberry red flats with 4 black and silver earrings did look incredibly chic.

I’ve tried to do my best with my tired and rather self-conscious pair of old black wannabe ballet flats, circa 1999 (at least 20 in shoe years and positively archaic for some shoe loving girls). I picked up the 2 pairs of vintage earrings today in Islington for under £5 and think they look quite pretty.

Once I get some new vegan ballet flats and start adorning them with various earrings for each day of the week, there will be no stopping me. I’m on a vintage earring treasure hunt now…

Need some inspiration to create your own bejewelled ballet flats? Visit Net-a-Porter for some designer ideas (Miu Miu in particular).

Five Vegetarian Lunch Recipes for the Week Ahead

Make life easy on yourself this week by checking out these 5 great, easy to make recipes that will give you a new lunch every day this working week. Plus, you can save money, reduce packaging and become healthier by avoiding store bought lunches. I’ve flitted around the web to find some tasty lunch time treats and here’s my pick of the best for this week. Smakelijk eten! (no, I’m not swearing at you. That’s actually ‘bon appetit’ in Dutch – at least I hope it is. Bon appetit is so 2008).

MONDAY- Nearly Raw Tahini Noodles

One look at the pictures of this noodle salad (the only cooked part is the noodles, so it’s pretty easy work) and I was immediately writing a grocery list and heading to the shops! It’s also meant to keep well, so lunch is covered for yourself or your family for several days. The peanut sauce is also made without peanuts!
See recipe at Vegan Yum Yum

roasted-tomatoesTUESDAY – Pearl Couscous with Olives and Roasted Tomatoes
I love couscous and this recipe sounds simple yet scrumptious. Vegetarians just need to substitute the stock to vegetable and voila, you have yourself a delectable salad!
See recipe at Smitten Kitchen

WEDNESDAY – Vegetarian Club
Stay seasonal by using lovely watercress, carrots and tomatoes in this perfect club sandwich which also includes hummus (see image above). See recipe at BBC Good Food

THURSDAY – Black Bean Burrito
This is a great healthy lunchtime option that only takes 5 minutes to whip together.
See recipe at Simple Vegetarian Recipes

FRIDAY – Pesto Pasta Salad with String Beans and Potatoes
This is a pasta I have been making for years. You can enjoy the pasta hot for dinner and then keep the leftovers for a very tasty and filling lunch.

  • Organic pasta
  • Jar of green pesto (I love Zest’s Vegan Pesto but their Vegetarian version is great too)
  • Baby New Potatoes
  • String Beans

To Make: Cook pasta in one pot and the potatoes and beans together in another pot until tender (boil whole potatoes and then cut in half). Drain each pot, then combine pasta, potato and beans, stir in the pesto. The measurements for this recipe are totally up to you and will work whichever way you prefer!

12 Natural Beauty Tips for Summer

Peppermint Tea Toner
Next time you’re brewing a cup of peppermint tea, be sure to make a little extra because you can use it as an ultra cooling spray and toner. Once the tea has cooled, pour it into a spray / spritz bottle, refrigerate and then spritz when and as you need throughout your day. The perfect way to stay refreshed during summer!


Organic Peppermint tea bags available from Clipper Teas or try loose leaf Organic Peppermint Tea from £4.75 – Steenbergs Organic.


Treat the Tresses
Overexposure to the sun can leave your hair dry and brittle, so summer is definitely the time to treat the tresses with moisturising oils and hair masks. Try massaging a small amount of either coconut oil or jojoba oil into the scalp and hair and leave for 30 minutes or so before you shampoo out.

For another fuss free way to feed your hair, try mashing one banana with two tablespoons of olive oil and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing out. Or try the Coconut Cream Rinse described by Barbara Close in The Spa Deck. You will need coconut milk, honey and a fresh vanilla bean (fresh grated coconut meat is also recommended but there’s no way I’ll get that together).


No Sweaty Bettys
Many aluminium eschewing girls get slightly nervous during the summer months, worrying that their natural deodorant won’t carry them through a hot summer’s day sufficiently. I have found the best natural deodorant to be Weleda’s Citrus Deodorant which is the perfect aroma for summer and also doubles as a lovely body spray (I even read Kate Hudson used Weleda’s rose spray deodorant as a hair spray but I haven’t tried doing this yet). If you want to go a step further towards natural beauty, you could try using bicarbonate of soda or lemon slices (apparently some Mediterranean women do this). I have tried both and found the bicarb soda to be particularly effective.


grapefruit-pink-essential-oilGrapefruit Body Spray
I noticed the other day that Origins do a Grapefruit body mist that sounded quite sublime for this time of year, but I wonder if an organic and pure version of this exists? Perhaps a spritz bottle, distilled water and some organic grapefruit essential oil could achieve similar results? I haven’t tried it yet but I imagine a spritz of grapefruit mist now and then throughout a hot and humid day, would be quite blissful! Grapefruit Essential Oil available at Akamuti for £2.50.

Summer Make Up
A girl’s beauty kit needs to be reviewed during summer to accommodate the sheen, shine and grime that comes from the summer weather. Firstly, switch heavy foundations for tinted moisturisers. There are some incredible natural tinted moisturisers available (3 Great Natural Tinted Moisturisers Reviewed) but if you don’t want to spend money on those, why not try ‘diluting’ your foundation by mixing it with a moisturiser you are already using. This is an easy and cost effective way to recreate the same light but effective coverage a tinted moisturiser provides. Suki Tinted Active Moisturiser available at Your Natural Beauty Store for £24.99

Switch powdered blushes for cream based ones. Suki Color Pure Cream Stain is a fantastic little pot to carry with you as it adds a soft and flattering dab of colour to the cheeks and lips.

tan-with-teaTan with Tea
Apparently you can tan your skin with tea. You can use black tea and either wring the tea bag out before swiping over the body (as recommended by Daily Candy) or pour black tea into a spritz bottle for a truly natural spray tan. I also read in Healthy and Organic Living magazine that taking a rooibos tea bath is another way to tan the skin and get a healthy glow. Organic Rooibos Tea, from Clipper Teas or Steenbergs Organic, from £2.65


Foot Soak
Green girls may not have an organic or natural nail salon in their city and therefore cannot enjoy the luxury of getting an organic pedicure. You can try and replicate the experience at home though by using a small tub and filling it with water, essential oils like peppermint, salt to detoxify and even some chopped cucumbers and orange and lemon slices! Play a little Colbie Caillat and let the stresses of the day evaporate away. To finish off the natural home pedicure experience, exfoliate the feet with an olive oil and salt scrub and then apply a moisturiser such as shea butter or coconut oil.


Get Your Bali On
For girls who have spent the day in the sun or just desire a Balinese twinged treat for dry skin, try Badger Balm’s Bali Balm. It contains cocoa and shea butters, jojoba and olive oils with essential oils of ylang ylang, lime, lavender and sweet orange. Available at Badger Balm for $10 or So Organic for £4.39

Buff that Bod
Shorter skirts, shorts, dresses and sleeveless tops require a lot more skin to be revealed during summer, so it’s a good idea to exfoliate your body to keep your skin looking its best. To save money on expensive body exfoliants and scrubs, try making your own concoctions at home. Here a few ideas:

  • ground rice and coconut milk
  • brown sugar and sweet almond oil
  • salt, olive oil and your favourite organic essential oil

citrus-oilCitrus Body Oil
Try making your own lush body oil at home with a base of either sweet almond, jojoba or sesame oil and then add your favorite summer soaked essential oils such as lemon, lime, mandarin, neroli, orange or bergamot. If you can’t vacation in beautiful Mediterranean locations such as Sicily and Capri, at least you can capture the scent of a sizzling island.

Sweet Feet
Your feet need extra care during summer. They’ve spent winter and spring hidden away in thick socks and boots and then all of a sudden they are thrust into the world and poked into skimpy, intricate, strappy sandals! No wonder they rebel and give you blisters and iffy looking heels. Try to lather the feet with nourishing moisturisers such as shea butter or coconut oil each night and you should have pretty tootsies in no time!

Beach Babe Hair
If you want beach tussled waves that usually come courtesy of daily swims in the ocean and good genetics, you could try John Masters Organics Sea Mist Salt Spray with Lavender. It contains only three ingredients: water, sea salt and organic lavender oil. I’m going to try and make a version of this at home and hope my hair looks Copacabana ready. Speaking of Brazil, I read a hair tip from Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bunchen that needs to be shared. She recommended flipping your hair over your head and then gently holding the ends of the hair and shaking it from side to side before flipping the hair back. It sounds too simple to be true, but I’ve tried it and amazingly it does give your hair a more full, tousled and beach wavey look! Try it and see what you think.

2ReVert – Jewellery made from Recycled Skateboards

You will love Canadian label, 2ReVert and their creative and cool jewellery made from ‘100% post-consumer recycled skateboards’. Here a few of my favourite picks from their Etsy store.

large-2in1-reversible-necklaceLarge 2in1 Reversible Necklace – $28
I’m captivated by the striking red, black and white colour combination of this reversible necklace. It’s slightly wild and tribal-esque. Wear with an organic black top, organic skinny jeans and quirky sandals and voila, you’re a head to toe, green glamazon!

small-purple-earringsSmall Purple Earrings (Style A313) – $32
I love how these earrings can twist and twirl around to reveal either the pretty purple side or the natural, wood side. Everyone will be asking where you got these unique earrings from.

Small Green Earrings (Style A313) – $32
Could there be a more fashionable way to show off your green status? These stunning earrings will add edge and style to any outfit but will also show others how incredible recycled jewellery can be!

earrings-wingsEarrings – Wings – $32
2ReVert’s wing style earrings are fabulous. This pair has a green and navy shade on one side and a plain wood look with red tips on the other side.

Teardrop Reversible Necklace – $28
It’s too difficult to try and select just a few necklaces for today’s post as each design is utterly striking. I do love this teardrop shaped necklace though and the soft pink shade on this side (natural wood and black is on the other side).

recycled-napkin-ring-holdersRecycled Napkin Ring Holders (Set of 6) – $48
Here’s another way to lure non-green friends over to the green side, when you hold your next dinner party. Once you explain the recycled skateboard origin of the napkin rings to your friends, (while wearing a recycled necklace or bangle of course) they’ll immediately be convinced that recycled jewellery and products are just as stylish, if not more stylish than conventional products.

Beauty Review: Akamuti Raspberry Seed Oil

When I recently ran out of moisturiser and eye cream, I decided to reach for Akamuti’s Raspberry Seed Oil to see if it could carry me through. I’m so glad I did because this oil is my new best friend!

Akamuti’s Raspberry Seed Oil hydrates and nourishes the skin wonderfully with its omega fatty acids and vitamins E & A and the results are impressive. My skin looks healthy and clear. Even during this super hot week we have had in London, my skin has not looked greasy but rather refreshed and glowy. I was always wary of using oils as moisturizers because I thought I would look a little too shiny but this oil absorbs quickly and does the job of a moisturizer exceedingly well. I like the fact that I can now moisturize my skin with a product containing only one ingredient: cold pressed raspberry seed oil (cold pressed ingredients are extra potent as the benefits of the ingredients have not been destroyed through overheating).

As soon as I heard that Raspberry Seed Oil was reputed to have ‘fantastic anti-UV abilities’ and was ‘naturally high in SPF’ it was yet another reason to lather it on! Akamuti also explain that their Raspberry Seed Oil is ideal for distressed skin and helps to repair and condition the skin. My skin isn’t particularly distressed right now (me, on the other hand, that’s another story) but I have found the oil to be excellent for normal skin as well.

It’s working really well as an eye cream replacement also. I tap the teeniest amount under the eye area and wait 30 minutes before applying a concealer, which glides on without any creasing or cakey residue.

I love the small droplet glass bottle my oil came in (10ml). I drop a bit into my hand which warms it up and then just apply to the face (only a small amount is needed). I don’t detect a raspberry scent but more of a neutral aroma with nice Earl Grey tea undertones!

raspberry-seed-oilOTHER OILS TO TRY
I also noticed Akamuti stock lots of other oils (organic and fair trade options) which was rather fortuitous as I had recently been reading about the numerous uses for various oils and had planned to stock up on some for beauty and cleaning purposes. Akamuti stock olive oil which is amazing for polishing wood furniture, sesame oil which is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and which I just found out is recommended as the perfect moisturiser for my dosha, Vata (sorry to get so personal). They also have sweet almond oil which I want to try using as a base for making a body oil for summer by adding organic essential oils of orange and ginger perhaps).

Okay, I’m waffling now. Oils clearly get me excited but I just wanted to share this beauty find with you as I have been using it for the past few weeks now and have been impressed with the results and purity of the one ingredient!

Purchase Raspberry Seed Oil at Akamuti – 10ml for £2.95 or 100ml for £10

Eco Outfit Idea for the Fourth of July

To celebrate America’s Independence Day, I thought it would be fitting to ensure today’s fashion was head to toe, made in the USA. It can be difficult finding products (especially vegan shoes) but once you know where to look, you’ll soon see their are many beautiful American eco brands available that will still make your shopping experiences fun and most importantly leave you looking stylish and stunning!

Happy Fourth of July to all US readers!

Bella Top – Mountains of the Moon
made from hemp + organic cotton
Nothing could be better than a sun quenched, pretty yellow top right now. I love the boat neckline and triangle detail of this Bella top, designed by Melissa Baswell.

Bluebelle Jeans – Del Forte
Del Forte lead the organic denim pack with their flattering styles and eco credentials. The jeans are made in LA and this Bluebelle design is especially popular.

Model T Tote Classic – English Retreads
Made in Boulder, Colorado
You can’t go wrong with a black bag and English Retread’s amazing selection of bags made from inner tubes couldn’t be better. This Model T Tote Classic is so slick with its rivet detailing and straps made from seat belts!

Size 5 High Walnut Wedge Sandals – Mohop
Handmade in Chicago by Annie Mohaupt
Made from wood, recycled rubber and faux suede
Here’s a chance to pop into a pair of Mohop shoes that are on sale at Etsy. These wooden soled shoes are incredible and so unique. They come with 5 different ribbons which can be laced onto the shoe to suit your style and mood. Love them!

Arcs Ring – Kirsten Muenster
San Francisco / recycled sterling silver
I’m such a fan of Kirsten Muenster’s gorgeous oversized eco rings, particularly her Cast Silver collection. It’s hard to pick a favourite but this ring has a great quirky / chic thing going on that I love.

Pop Rock & Roll Earrings – Millie Hilgert
Handmade in Boise, Idaho / old vinyl records
Such a stunning purple colour that would clash in the best way possible with the sunshine Bella top from Mountains of the Moon.

Vintage Kimono Eyeglass Case – Designed by Aya
Made in San Francisco / vintage kimono fabric
I don’t really need an eyeglass case but I thought this sweet kimono case would be ideal as a little coin purse or for stashing small knick knacks.

Budget Beauty – 13 Natural Skin Care Tips

Bee Cleansed
The day I learned I could cleanse my face with honey was a happy day for me (slightly sad, I know). I love beauty treats that are edible and that are already in your home. I thought honey would leave me in one big sticky mess but you just need to splash your face with a little water before applying a dollop of organic honey to the face and then carry on as you would with a normal cleanser. Honey is wonderful for the skin due to its antibacterial properties and it is often used to heal burns and wounds.

What Kate Said…
Kate Beckinsale reportedly uses a hot towel with a few drops of lavender oil on her face as a soothing treat for the skin (and a little pore pampering) – as mentioned in InStyle.

almond-oilEye Makeup, Be Gone!
You don’t need a special eye make up remover to wipe away stubborn mascara, eyeshadows, concealer and eyeliner residue. A swipe of sweet almond oil or coconut oil will do just as good a job, if not better and it is much more gentle and nourishing for the skin. You could apply the oil to an organic cotton pad to remove eye makeup or to be even more eco-friendly, apply the oil to the eye area with your fingers (careful not to drag the delicate skin under the eye) and then gently remove with a moist flannel or cloth.

To Tone or Not To Tone
That is the profound question many girls ask themselves as they go through their daily beauty routine of cleanse, tone (will I, won’t I?) and moisturise. Some people think toner is like bottled water in a restaurant (completely unnecessary) while others believe toner is great for removing the last traces of makeup or grime. Whatever your thoughts, there can be no harm in trying organic Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner and seeing the benefits it has on your skin. This is potent and rather ‘on the nose’ stuff but hey, us girls are used to suffering in the name of beauty and this product is so pure and beneficial to the skin, that it is worth it. Just dilute the Apple Cider Vinegar with equal parts distilled water or green tea and then apply as you would a normal toner.

Mist Before Moisturising
This a new beauty tip I recently picked up and it will help your moisturiser absorb better into the skin and basically help your moisturiser, ‘do it’s thang!’ Just spritz your face with your own spray bottle filled with distilled water and favourite essential oil or the chilled peppermint tea, as mentioned last week.

Moisturise with Oils

You may think oils will leave your skin too shiny or greasy if you use them as a moisturiser but try and experiment with various skin-friendly organic oils such as:

  • Pomegranate
  • Argan Oil
  • Sweet almond oil (apparently a favourite of Liz Hurley)
  • Coconut oil (which I heard was a wrinkle fighter so I’ve started applying this to my eyes, mouth, neck and decolletage).

As I’ve written before, I’ve been loving Akamuti’s Raspberry Seed Oil of late and have found it to be a great day moisturiser for my skin. Once you find an oil that suits your skin, you’ll realise you don’t always need a store bought moisturiser with numerous ingredients when a pure and simple, organic oil can be just as beneficial.

Fuss-Free Masks
One area of your beauty routine that you can really save money on is your weekly face mask. You can be resourceful and use what is already in the kitchen but I like to keep it super simple, as I don’t have the time or inclination to blend exotic fruits, nuts, oils with a sprinkle and a dash of 15 essential oils I do not own! So here are two easy masks for dry and oily skin.

Dry: Mashed avocado
Oily: Mashed banana (honey and / or lemon optional)

Before you toss the avocado and banana skins away, remember to swipe them over your face. I’ve tried this with a banana skin and your face feels really taught and terrific afterwards.

exfoliateExfoliate with Three Ingredients!
You should ideally exfoliate your face 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells and all that lovely stuff. This is another simple, easy to whip together beauty recipe that only calls for organic oats, honey and an oil (such as sweet almond oil). These three ingredients create an ideal exfoliant that is gentle, moisturising and nourishing. I have also heard of using bicarbonate of soda as an exfoliant but I have yet to try this one!

Feeling Spotty
Rather than reaching for a teeny bottle of spot-zapping liquid with an ingredient list that is usually bigger than the bottle it comes in, try something simple, natural and equally effective – lavender oil. I usually apply a bit of this neat to the offending area and it helps sort things out.

Eye Spy…
‘Puffy’ and ‘dark circles’ are not the words you want to use to describe your eyes but if these two traits are problems for you, you may want to try some natural remedies.

Tea bags
Before you toss your teabags into the compost bin (I know you have), whip them into the fridge to chill and then place them over the eyes for a de-puffing delight! Try chamomile for soothing or peppermint for cooling.

An oldie but a goodie (especially when you’ve just tossed together a delicious salad and have leftovers). A slice or two feels lovely and cooling for sore, irritated eyes.

Potato, Avocado and Aztecs
I believe potato slices are good for reducing redness under the eyes, while avocado slices are used to reduce puffiness (a treatment reputedly used by the Aztecs). I also read an Ayurvedic recipe and idea that suggested applying sweet almond oil and honey nightly for several weeks to improve dark eye circles.

Ice is Nice
Here I go again, rattling off something I read or saw in a magazine. This time, my beauty tale comes from O Magazine where I read how this lady plunged her face into a sink of ice cubes each morning. As fun as that sounds to someone like me who can still feel chilly during a hot summer’s day, the picture of this ice-loving lady’s face was proof enough. Her skin was positively sparkling! I’ve also heard of people sliding an ice cube all over their face and loving the results. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that ice is nice.

Sweet Lips
If you need to exfoliate your lips, try some brown sugar and honey!

Healing Hands
If like me, you are queen of the dish washing in your house, you may find that your hands are beginning to look like they belong to someone ‘more mature’ than you. If that’s the case, try and exfoliate your hands several times a week with a bit of olive oil and sea salt. It’s so easy to quickly reach for these two ingredients after you’ve done the dishes and your hands will look and feel lovely afterwards!

Delicious Dairy-free Smoothie Recipes

There is something about a well made, delicious, dance on your taste buds kind of smoothie that appeals to so many people, especially during summer. When the weather is too hot outside, just step inside, say hello to your blender and then create one of the following icy cold, non-dairy wonders. These are so good and you will not be able to avoid making those slurpy straw noises at the end as you try to capture the last sips of sheer loveliness.

Smoothie Cubes
(Sara Buenfeld from Good Food Magazine)
Before I get to the recipes, I thought these incredible looking fruit smoothie cubes deserved a mention as they will come in handy for any smoothie occasion. Such a great idea for busy people on the go that still want ultra healthy drinks. You just need to puree your favourite fruits or the best organic fruits in season and then freeze them in an ice tray. This recipe suggests adding them to your smoothie with a banana and some dairy devils, but you could just switch them for your favourite almond, soy or oat milk and yogurt.
See recipe at BBC Good Food

cherry-berry-tea-smoothieCherry-Berry Tea Smoothie (from Martha Stewart Living)
The picture and ingredients in this smoothie look and sound divine! Frozen sweet cherries, grapes, blueberries, silken tofu and rooibos tea (available at most supermarkets or health food stores). This drink is so good for you that you will be positively glowing after one glass!
See recipe at Whole Living

Banana Mocha Non Milk Shake (by Eat Healthy)
Coffee lovers or just anyone after a shake with attitude will lap this one up! There’s espresso, cacao nibs, ground cinnamon and frozen bananas. Creamy, thick and bursting with flavour.
See recipe at The Healthy Eating Site

Strawberry-Banana Tofu Shake – Body + Soul
Another tremendously healthy shake that can be stored up to three days in the fridge. You can also mix and match the fruit ingredients depending on what is in season or what you have in the house.
See recipe at Whole Living

Jamie Fruit Smoothie
(Jamie Oliver)
I was pleasantly surprised to see Jamie Oliver had this exciting and unusual dairy free smoothie. Along with the fruit there is coconut milk, lime and cardamom. Sounds a little Thai and definitely worth a try!
See recipe at Jamie Oliver

Low Fat Green Tea, Honey and Nutmeg Smoothies
(David Lieberman)
You just need to substitute the vanilla frozen yogurt here for your favourite non-dairy brand and then all you need is two more things: green tea and honey!
See recipe at the Food Network

Strawberry Almond Smoothie
(by Adina Niemerow, photograph – Ellie Miller)
A pretty pink smoothie containing figs, frozen strawberries, almonds and coconut water.
See recipe at Food and Wine

avocado-smoothiesAvocado Pear Smoothie – from Martha Stewart Living
I know some people are surprised to think of using an avocado in their drinks but try it out before you diss it. After all, avocado is technically a fruit and it will make your smoothie ever so creamy and exotic. The pear juice, honey and vanilla really compliment the other ingredients.

Two of my Tried and Tested Favorites
Firstly, if you haven’t tried smoothies with frozen bananas then ‘oh, my goodness’ you need to stock up on some organic, fair trade ‘nanas now because your smoothies are about to get creamy and turn it upside down kinda thick! Just peel the banana, break into small pieces and freeze in whatever container you have. Always try and keep a stash in your freezer (with frozen berries).

Banana Berry Heaven
I have been sipping on this for years and years. You can use either orange juice or apple juice (about 250ml) and then just toss into a blender as many frozen berries and frozen banana pieces as you desire. It is pure health and happiness in a glass.

Banana Thick Shake
This one is so simple but so satisfying. Just use 250ml of your favourite dairy free milk (or homemade almond milk) and add lots of frozen banana pieces and a dollop of honey (or agave syrup) to sweeten. Next, decide whether to enjoy with a straw or spoon!

raw-chocolate-smoothieCafe Gratitude – I Am Luscious – Raw Chocolate Smoothie
I stumbled across this smoothie from Cafe Gratitude’s menu and it sounded so delicious that I had to mention it here! Unfortunately, I can’t make it to their cafe today in San Francisco but I will try and replicate a similar glass of heaven here at home. Their drink has: hazelnut milk, figs, dates, raw cacao & vanilla.
Visit Cafe Gratitude

Need a Glass Straw with your Smoothie?
I just got my glass straws last week from GlassDharma and they are magnificent. The coloured ones are so pretty and you can tell they have been made with such great care. Protect your health and teeth by avoiding icky and disposable plastic straws and try using these glass straws if you can. Here is some more info on the straws if you are interested.

Do-Ni – The Prettiest Vegan Ballerina Shoes

Do-Ni vegan ballerinas are the sweetest shoes you will find and one of the few shoe labels out there that have a whole lot of soul and substance behind the style (forgive me, I had to have fun with the word soul just once). I was introduced to these stunning shoes via English Retread’s blog and now my feet and I could not be happier knowing that there are Do-Ni shoes in the world! Do-Ni translates to the word, ‘gifts’ in Italian and when you buy a pair of these precious shoes, 100% of the retail proceeds will be donated to participating non-profit organisations. You can choose from a wonderful range of beneficiaries that all help the planet, people and animals in profound ways (Animal Acres, Medicines Global and FA Home Away from Homelessness are just some examples of the worthy organizations).

Once you’ve selected your organization, the next decision involves picking your favorite shade of ballerina shoe! Not an easy decision when you see how designer worthy they all look with their lovely, French ribbon bows, luscious color range and the option of having an Audrey-esque medallion on either the black or champagne shoes!

Decisions and pretty shoes are never a good combination. I could ramble off numerous reasons for needing each and every pair on offer – black (quintessential classic), champagne (for when you are feeling fancy), grass (to prove green is glam), ruby (for a Dorothy moment) and amethyst (chic alternative to black).
do-ni-vegan-ballerina-shoes-2Whichever pair you pick, they are guaranteed to pretty-fy any outfit instantly and will look sublime day or night, with jeans or with a vintage dress. A girl definitely needs a pair of ballet flats in her shoe collection. You will live in them and practically start skipping with delight at how these shoes combine much desired comfort with lashings of style!

Designers Nancy Dong and Carlotta Fiorini not only added their immense amount of talent, creativity and compassion to these shoes but they also added their names to the label (Do from Dong + Ni from Fiorini = Do-Ni). Nancy has previously worked at Charmone and now has her own shoe collection, Kailia (will feature them in an upcoming post soon) and Carlotta has experience at Gucci and also has her own delicious shoe line, Carlotta Fiorini.

Do-Ni ballerina shoes are hand made in Portugal with the ‘best leather-free materials from Italy’, water based glues, recycled insole boards and ribbons from France. Ooh la la! The champagne and black ballerinas are $119 or $135 with medallion and the remaining grass, amethyst and ruby ballerinas are all $119.