Eco Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Here are some fabulous green gift ideas for your mum this Mother’s Day.
Ethical Shoes
Two elegant vegan shoe labels that will definitely impress your mum are Charmone and Sui Generis by Beyond Skin. Even if your mum hasn’t worn vegan shoes before, one look at these stylish designs and soon Jimmy Choo will become Jimmy Who?

Charmone’s Cinnamon Bordeaux Shoes (pictured above).
Also available in black.
Made in Italy.

Purchase online for US$249 at Charmone.

Beautiful & Ethical Jewellry
Buying a stunning pair of earrings or sparkly ring with eco credentials couldn’t be easier thanks to designers and companies such as Made, Avasarah and Kirsten Muenster.

Made Jewellery

made-jewelleryMade’s jewellery range is unique and truly gorgeous with affordable prices. As a company Made operate on a ‘trade not aid’ ethos which involves supporting disadvantaged communities through training local artisans in East Africa.

Nicole Fahri Collection – Pippa Small Glass Stone Bracelet (pictured above)
Purchase online at Made for £65.

Kirsten Muenster
Eye catching pieces from a San Francisco designer who utilises beautiful recycled materials.

Visit this jewellery site to quickly locate pretty earrings and pendants by your specific ethics (British made, recycled materials, ethically sourced and mined or supporting charity).

Organic Beauty Treatments

organic-beauty-treatmentsMany women enjoy a luxurious facial or stress relieving massage, so to make the experience even better, make sure the beauty treatment is organic. Book an organic treat for your mum at either Content in Marylebone or the Organic Pharmacy (various UK locations).

Content won ‘Best Facial’ by Wallpaper Magazine this year so let your mum experience a Dr Alkaitis Skin Food Facial to see what all the fuss is about! She can also have an organic Suki or Pai facial, massage or manicure and pedicure.

Organic Pharmacy Treatments
The decadent Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial, organic manicures, pedicures and massages will provide a truly healthy dose of pampering for your mum!

Organic Skincare
If you want to introduce your mum to some luxurious organic skincare ranges why not try Dr Alkaitis or the Organic Pharmacy.

Dr Alkaitis Organic Eye Cream.
Research scientist, Dr Alkaitis has produced a range of ‘living’ skincare products with ingredients so pure they are edible (although it’s best to use on the skin obviously). Perhaps start with the eye cream which is apparently Giselle Bundchen’s favourite!
Content £38.20.

Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser
The Organic Pharmacy provide luxurious Soil Association certified products that are readily available on the high street or online. With no artificial preservatives, colourants, fragrances or petrochemicals, you can rest assured the organic skincare and makeup products you purchase for your mum will be kind to her skin and will be of the highest quality.

organic-dressing-gownOrganic Dressing Gown

We all need a sumptuous dressing gown or bath robe and the fact Piccalilly’s dusty rose gown is certified organic and fair trade makes it even more appealing.
Organic Fair Trade Cotton
Made in India (SA8000)
Also available in a natural colour (more colours coming soon), one size fits all
Piccalilly £40
By Nature £39

Organic Food and Wine
Where to start, chocolate, wine or tea? I’ll let you decide and just draw your attention to the delicious offerings from the following organic gourmet companies every girl should have on speed dial.

Send an Animated E-Card
Jacqui Lawson
Pay £6.25 for a year’s membership and you can send as many e-cards as you like during that year! Think of all the money you spend on paper cards throughout a year. E-cards are the way to go and will save many trees in the process. Visit the Jacqui Lawson site to preview the animated cards.

7 Eco Products for the Kitchen

I have some great little eco products to share with you today that will help greenify your kitchen. Even if you frequent your kitchen as often as a vegan visits McDonalds, you may still find these products interesting. Recycled glass cake boards, tea towels, aprons and oven mits in organic fabrics (hold your excitement girls – there’s more!), mango wood salad servers, recycled paper lunch bags and fair trade rubber gloves! Move over Nigella, we have hemp oven mits and aprons and weren’t not afraid to use them!

Cake Board
Made in Spain
100% recycled glass
Perfect for presenting your homemade or store bought cakes (I won’t tell). Also great as a cheese board which I believe should feature one of the following cheeses: soft, hard, mature and stinky (sounds like I’m describing the judging panel on American Idol).
Eco Centric – £25

Mokimoe ‘Mirra’ Tea Towel
Made in the UK
Organic cotton, hemp and water based inks
This ‘almost too pretty to use’ tea towel is handmade and designed in the UK and available in either a cork or ink colour (shown above).
The Natural Store – £15

Mango Wood Salad Servers
Fair trade made in North India
Mango wood, oiled with linseed oil
These salad servers are made from mango wood, a renewable timber that is often discarded after bearing fruit. So now the mango tree can give us delicious fruit and the utensils to eat it with! Mango salad anyone?
The Amnesty Shop – £4.50

Organic Hemp Apron

organic-hemp-apronMade in Romania (sweatshop free) by Ecolution
42% hemp and 58% flax
Aprons. Perfect for the messy cook, the cautious cook and the pseudo cook that needs to strategically hang one in their kitchen to give the impression that much whisking, sieving and flambe-ing takes place in there! Available in 6 colours such as natural, orange and sage.
Downbound UK – £12.25

Recycled Paper Lunch Bags

recycled-paper-lunch-bagsMade in Ireland
Recycled Greaseproof Paper
If you take your lunch to work but wonder about what is the best eco friendly way to wrap up your sandwich or vegan cake (I know I’ve lost many a nights sleep pondering this), here is a good option. Say goodbye to gladwrap and go all ‘1950’s’ by using recycled paper lunch bags instead!
Currently sold out but worth noting for a future purchase perhaps.
The Amnesty Shop – £3.25 for box of 50

Fair Trade Rubber Gloves
fair-trade-rubber-glovesMade in the UK
Fair trade natural rubber latex, cotton flock lining
Sold out (before they are even on sale) but another product to remember for those times when you need to do some hardcore cleaning. Purchasing these fair trade rubber gloves will help support farmers of the Firstlight project in Sri Lanka.
Traidcraft – £1.10

Organic Hemp Oven Mits
Made in Romania (sweatshop free) by Ecolution
100% organic hemp which is biodegradable
Stay safe in the kitchen with this great pair of organic hemp oven mits which are available in brown, green, indigo or natural.
Downbound UK – £11.75

Eco Wardrobe Staples – Organic and Fair Trade Singlets and Tees

Wardrobe 101: Every girl needs staples in basic black, white and gray. Tees and singlets are perfect for layering and will form the basis of any stylish look.

When I popped by People Tree’s website a few weeks ago and saw they had perfectly designed tees and singlets that were certified organic and fair trade, I immediately ordered up and tweeted happily when my delivery arrived! The organic cotton feels cashmere soft and the cut and design of the tops are comfortable and flattering. Ethical, stylish and each piece is priced under £18! Thank you People Tree!


Basic Vest Top (pictured above)
Made in India (International Fair Trade Association)
Certified Organic and Fair trade Cotton (Soil Association)
Available in black, blue, eco-white, grey and pink. Sizes 8-18
Purchase online at People Tree for £12.

Scoop Neck Tee
Made in India (International Fair Trade Association)
Certified Organic and Fair trade Cotton (Soil Association)
Available in beige, black, eco-white, khaki and red
Purchase online at People Tree for £18. Sizes 8-18

If you are new to People Tree’s fashion or just want to sneak a peek at an ethical fashion show, click on the You Tube video below. You can watch People Tree’s Summer 2008 Fashion Show in Tokyo and see why they are leading the way when it comes to ethical and stylish fashion.

Stay tuned for more posts about how to build the Perfect Ethical Wardrobe on Green Lashes and Fashion. Ever since I learnt about the cotton and sweatshop industries and switched to buying organic and fair trade clothing, I have been thinking of how to purchase items more consciously and systematically. I want to have a chic wardrobe filled with a relatively small number of quality items that will last many years and interchange with other items perfectly. As I try to do this myself, I will also share any tips with you and would certainly welcome any ideas from you about what clothing is needed to build the Perfect Ethical Wardrobe.

Green Your Teen – 8 Eco Products Every Teenage Girl Should Be Using

If you are a parent, know any teenage girls or are a teenage girl, you may want to read and pass on this list of 8 Green Product Changes every teen needs to make.

When you start reading scary statistics such as 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body, parabens mimicking estrogen*and propylene glycol altering skin structure**, it raises alarm bells and makes you think, ‘I wish I knew all this stuff when I was a teenager!’ Girls love delving into and experimenting with makeup so doesn’t it make sense to educate them now about what they are putting on their skin and effectively in their bodies? We have a list of teenage beauty staples that are not only eco friendly with safe ingredients but they are also just as good, fun and affordable as the products they were already using.

scin-care-raw-gaiaSkincare – Raw Gaia
Concern: parabens, synthetic fragrances, TEA, diazolidinyl urea
Raw Gaia offer extremely pure products and it would appear they are one of the most pure companies out there. Teenagers need to cleanse and moisturise regularly especially when skin starts to turn gnarly. Raw Gaia keep things simple yet effective with nourishing ingredients that are at their most beneficial and potent due to the cold pressed methods and organic ingredients used. Cleanse with the lovely floral waters, cold pressed and essential oils in ‘Living Facial Cleanser’ and moisturise with ‘For Her Daughters Living Moisturiser’.
Living Facial Cleanser £13.90
For Her Daughters Living Moisturiser £12.50

Budget Skincare Ideas: Cleanse with honey, tone with apple cider vinegar and moisturise with coconut oil.

soap-good-kaarmaSoap – Good Kaarma
Concern: preservatives, SLSs, synthetic fragrances, polyethylene
Good Kaarma’s organic soaps will get any teens attention thanks to the pretty decorative packaging, appealing names (Chocolate Bliss, Dance of the Dakini, Marmalade Queen) and amazing scents!
Good Kaarma Soap £3.50

weleda-tooth-pasteToothpaste – Weleda
Concern: sodium fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, chitosan, propylene glycol
If teens brush their teeth twice a day (fingers crossed) shouldn’t they use the most natural toothpastes on the market sans SLSs? Weleda’s Plant Gel is a refreshing spearmint and peppermint infused gel that tastes and performs even better than conventional brands. I have tested about 8 natural toothpastes and Weleda’s are the best I have come across.
Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste £3.25

aubrey-shampooShampoo & Conditioner – Aubrey Organics
Concern: parabens, SLSs, synthetic fragrances
Again, it is difficult too find a good pure performing organic shampoo that will stand the scrutiny of a hair obsessed teenage girl. Aubrey Organics offer hair products with safe ingredients and their popular GPB shampoo with organic ingredients such as aloe vera, orange pith, shea butter and jojoba and rosemary oils gives a girl luscious locks just as any other conventional shampoo would (suitable for all hair types).

GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Shampoo £8.99 (conditioner also £8.99)

weleda-deodorantDeodorant – Weleda
Concern: aluminium, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance, triclosan
The jury is still out on the link between aluminium in deodorant and cancer but isn’t it best to err on the side of caution, especially when there are many effective natural deodorant options available? How natural is it too stop the body sweating? If Julia Roberts shuns deodorant (heard that on Oprah) surely the teen in your life can too. Try the Weleda travel size deodorant sprays in wild rose, citrus or sage.

Weleda Travel Size Deodorant £4.50

lipgloss-lavera-and-earths-beauty-cosmeticsLipgloss – Lavera and Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics
Concern: parabens, lake colours, synthetic fragrance, BHT
Ahh, lip gloss! Usually the first and most loved beauty item for any girl, but who wants gloopy and toxic ingredients anywhere near their mouth? Achieve the same pretty shine factor minus the bad ingredients and opt for lovely lip glosses from either Lavera or Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics (8 ingredients!).

Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics Lip Glaze Pen £8.76 (pictured above)

mascara-laveraMascara – Lavera
Concern: parrafin, parabens, triethanalomine (TEA)
Maybe equal to lipgloss in a girl’s desert island must-haves. We all want flutter-licious lashes and again, Lavera are the people to turn too for quality and affordable natural cosmetics (certified by hard to please German certifying body BDIH). Lavera’s Volume Natural mascara is paraben free and heavy metal free (not too mention clump free). Perfect!

Lavera Volume Natural Mascara £9.69

Nail Polish – Toxic Free Boutique
Concerns: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthlate (DBP), toluene
Teens love nail polish and are probably the only demographic who can pull off hot pink candy coloured nails! If they are going to be applying shades as fast as they change moods, make sure they use the safest, most non-toxic brands out there. I think Toxic Free Boutique here in the UK are one of the best (free of the ‘big three’ and more – DBP, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and acetone). They even do a black one for thatphase many teens go through!

Toxic Free Boutique: Pitch Black, Mauvelicious, Star Fire (clear polish with ‘real sprinkling glitter’) all £8

Organic Cotton Designer T-Shirt Collection – Environmental Justice Foundation

Brazilian model Aline Weber in John Rocha (photography by Eric Guillemain)

Here is a way to make a difference in the world and look fabulous while doing it! The UK based charity, the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) has collaborated with top designers and A-listers to create a collection of fair trade and organic t-shirts to help raise awareness to end forced child labour and the use of toxic pesticides within the cotton industry.

sophie-ellis-bextor-in-zandra-rhodesSophie Ellis Bextor in Zandra Rhodes (photography by Jane Mcleish Kelsey)

EJF’s Program Director, Juliette Williams explains how ‘our buying power can be a force for good’ and by choosing to buy ethical cotton we can help support ‘communities in some of the world’s poorest nations’ and help put a stop to child labour in countries such as Uzbekistan. According to the EJF, Uzbekistan is the world’s third largest exporter of cotton and shockingly many adults and children are ‘forced to work in conditions near slavery for the state run cotton industry’.


ashley-jensen-in-allegra-hicksAshley Jensen in Allegra Hicks (photography by Ryan Michael Hackett)

Show your support towards the EJF’s ongoing work by purchasing a t-shirt from designers such as Zandra Rhodes, Giles Deacon, John Rocha and Allegra Hicks. The designs range from cute and quirky to pretty and simplistic and will make you look good but more importantly feel good knowing you are doing your part to help improve the cotton industry.

EJF’s Organic Cotton Designer T-Shirt Collection
Purchase at EJF’s online store (from £30)
The organic and fair trade cotton is picked and manufactured in Turkey (Fair Wear Foundation) and printed with organic certified inks (Soil Association).

Joss Stone in Giles Deacon (photography by Paul Conroy)

More exciting news from the EJF – The Great Fashion Cycle
Have you heard about the EJF’s other wonderful campaign, the ‘Great Fashion Cycle?’ If you want to cycle from London to Paris and raise funds to support the EJF’s work ‘addressing human rights and environmental abuses within the fashion industry’ you can visit their website for further details. The Great Fashion Cycle takes place from the 9-13 September 2009.

Organic Shampoos from Aubrey Organics

I’d been wanting to try some Aubrey shampoos for a while now after scanning and approving their certified organic ingredients lists, reading rave customers reviews and even learning SJP herself was a rumoured fan.

Aubrey Organics clearly know what they are doing when it comes to organic hair and skin care products. They have been active since 1967 and work hard to ensure their products are truly good for us girls and the planet.

GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Shampoo
For All Hair Types
The soy protein and lactalbumin ingredients pack a protein punch for the hair! Other organic ingredients such as orange pith juice provide a shine factor effect and pure aloe vera and shea butter combine to leave hair feeling soft and silky. My hair felt clean and noticeably softer after the first wash. Myself and my hair finally felt ready to do a slow motion Charlie’s Angels hair toss (you know how it goes: remove motorbike helmet and let your new fabulous and soft cascading locks tumble down which induces sighs of envy amongst women everywhere).
Aubrey Organics UK £8.80

Pure Organic Aloe Vera (not from concentrate) , Organic Orange Pith Juice , Coconut Oil-Corn Oil Soap , with Quillaya Bark (Saponin) , Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (made from organic non-GMO soybeans) , Carrageenan , Organic Shea Butter , Lactalbumin , Organic Evening Primrose Oil , Organic Jojoba Oil , Balsam Oil , Organic Rosemary Oil , Aubrey’s Preservative: (Citrus Seed Extract , Vitamin A , Vitamin C , and Vitamin E)

aubrey-rosa-shampooRose Mosqueta Rose Hip Herbal Shampoo
For Colour Treated Hair
Be a true Rose Mosqueta Senorita with this vitamin rich shampoo filled with organic ingredients to enhance and maintain colour. Corn syrup gently rinses away chlorine while shea butter works to fight colour fading. This shampoo delivers just like the GPB shampoo and I liked how the rose scent (courtesy of exotic rose hip seed oil) was very subtle and obviously balanced out by the other essential oils of lavender, bergamot and ylang and ylang.
Aubrey Organics UK £8.80

Deionized Water , Coconut Oil-Corn Oil Soap , Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (made from organic, non-GMO soybeans) , Organic Corn Syrup , Carrageenan , Organic Aloe Vera , Organic Shea Butter , Organic Rosa Mosqueta® Rose Hip Seed Oil , St. John’s Wort Oil , Horsetail Extract , Coltsfoot Extract , Aminobenzoic Acid , Essential Oil Blend: (Lavender Oil , Bergamot Oil , and Ylang Ylang) , Aubrey’s Preservative: (Citrus Seed Extract , Vitamin A , Vitamin C , and Vitamin E)

A Petite Eco Boutique – Rococo

I often dream about having a walk-in closet filled with wonderful and stylish organic and fair trade clothing, so when I stepped into Rococo’s teeny eco boutique in North London, I was immediately smitten and ready to move in. Rococo looks just like the ethical walk in-closet I’ve always wanted!

The rails are lined with the very best eco friendly fashion from brands such as People Tree, Enamore, Tammam and Miksa. Rococo is great for actually sighting and trying on organic clothing (which is still surprisingly hard to do in London with the small sprinkling of eco boutiques around). If you can’t make it to Muswell, you can still shop online though and now couldn’t be a better time to visit Rococo’s site because they are having a sale, with many gorgeous People Tree items available at bargain prices!

Shop at Rococo online
Visit– 16 Avenue Mews, Muswell Hill N10 3NP. Ph: 07779 01004 (Saturdays only or by appointment)

Review – Nature’s Hydrating Mist by Living Nature

Every girl will benefit from having this toner in her handbag. For all those moments during winter or summer when your skin needs to be instantly refreshed, just spray your face and body with this lovely natural mist. It contains skin refreshing oils such as geranium, bergamot, cedarwood and manuka as well as plant extracts from the native Harakeke plant which is considered to be the New Zealand equivalent to aloe vera.

How to use: Shake before spritzing onto face or body

Feel on skin: Refreshing and hydrating. Like walking through a rain forest!

Scent: Pleasant, pure and natural

Skin Types: All skin types

Results: Leaves skin feeling taught and hydrated. Great relief for dehydrated winter skin (and cooling during hot summer months).

Value for money: Yes. The bottle is quite large (100ml) and would go a long way.

Who would like it? Perfect for women 9 to 5–ing in stuffy heated offices, frequent flyers who can constantly hydrate (and the 100ml size meets the liquid criteria for ‘carry on’ luggage). Active sporty women can also pop this into their gym bags to use on the body!

Would I buy it again? Yes, because it suits my lifestyle. I can spritz away during the day in the office or when rushing about the city. It’s a more refined way to get that ‘just splashed my face with water’ feeling.

Score: 9/10

Full Ingredient List
Aqua (water), Vegetable glycerine, Citrus grandis (grapefruit seed extract), Pelargonium graveolens (geranium oil), Citrus bergamia (bergamot oil), Ocimum basilicum (basil oil), Rosmarinus offi cinalis (rosemary oil), Juniperus virginiana (cedarwood oil), Phormium tenax (fl ax extract), Leptospermum scorparium (manuka oil), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil), Limonene*, Citral*, Citronellol*, Linalool*. *component of natural essential oils .

Purchase at Living Nature and get 20% off (limited time only) £11.74

Rokit – Vintage Shop in London

Vintage Shopping – Another way to build the ultimate eco friendly wardrobe.

I thought I should incorporate a few posts about my green life in amongst the regular postings on organic beauty and ethical fashion. My ‘greeniphany’ happened about 18 months ago and I have enjoyed the cross over to a more ethical lifestyle where I now take time to consider where my clothes come from and what ingredients I am putting on my skin. There have been challenges along the way (so long H&M and cheap European flights) but mostly there have been exciting discoveries, which is what prompted me to start Green Lashes and Fashion. I would love this site to be a resource for green girls who want to find the very best eco products.

Today I’ve been out and about in East London poking around Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market and Columbia Rd Flower Market (quite small but very cute, quaint shops behind the flower stalls). I made sure I visited vintage mecca, Rokit too as I had heard it was the place to buy vintage in London.

I must be honest, in the past I haven’t spent much time in vintage stores and was never too keen on wearing other people’s clothes (it must be an only child thing). However, once I stepped into Rokit, I immediately saw the error of my ways. The store was filled with urban trendsetters, the rails lined with spectacular fashion and the price tags so low I had to keep double checking them. My inner stylist came out and I began reaching for clothes I would normally shun. Bubblegum pink coat? ‘Sure, why not?’ Orange polo top? ‘Yeah, it’s tight but do it while you’re still in your twenties’ I thought to myself. Okay, maybe I was in a slight vintage stupor!

vintage-orange-topVintage Purchases – 3 items for £26
Pink Coat – £10
Orange Top – £4 (I know!)
Navy Sheer Shirt – £12

I seem to have channeled a ‘Samantha from Bewitched, 60’s vibe’ with the pink and orange colours.

Green Glee (how I was green today)
I refused the store paper bag in favour of my reusable bag which I had stashed in my handbag. Felt quite chuffed that I was proving you can get by without paper or plastic. Also walked away (some might say pulled away) from a divine aubergine cardigan at Spitalfields with sweet little buttons on the bracelet sleeves. It was £10 but because it was not made ethically and the fabric wasn’t organic or recycled, I said no. I had to be strong but I said no.

Mean Green (how I was not so green)
I don’t think this one is too bad but toay I got a tea to go in a paper cup. I read somewhere that Julia Roberts takes her own thermos to coffee houses to get her drinks (or maybe it was her own tupperware to the supermarket deli section). Either way, I wanted to be like Julia but instead I sheepishly drank from my paper cup. I should say I carried the cup all the way home because I couldn’t see anywhere for it be recycled! I don’t know if carrying it all the way home (along with my friend’s plastic dessert dish) was admirable or tragic?

I will definitely be stopping by Rokit more regularly, which won’t be difficult as they have several London locations at Brick Lane, Covent Garden and Camden. Rokit also have an online shopping site.