Delicious Dairy-free Smoothie Recipes

There is something about a well made, delicious, dance on your taste buds kind of smoothie that appeals to so many people, especially during summer. When the weather is too hot outside, just step inside, say hello to your blender and then create one of the following icy cold, non-dairy wonders. These are so good and you will not be able to avoid making those slurpy straw noises at the end as you try to capture the last sips of sheer loveliness.

Smoothie Cubes
(Sara Buenfeld from Good Food Magazine)
Before I get to the recipes, I thought these incredible looking fruit smoothie cubes deserved a mention as they will come in handy for any smoothie occasion. Such a great idea for busy people on the go that still want ultra healthy drinks. You just need to puree your favourite fruits or the best organic fruits in season and then freeze them in an ice tray. This recipe suggests adding them to your smoothie with a banana and some dairy devils, but you could just switch them for your favourite almond, soy or oat milk and yogurt.
See recipe at BBC Good Food

cherry-berry-tea-smoothieCherry-Berry Tea Smoothie (from Martha Stewart Living)
The picture and ingredients in this smoothie look and sound divine! Frozen sweet cherries, grapes, blueberries, silken tofu and rooibos tea (available at most supermarkets or health food stores). This drink is so good for you that you will be positively glowing after one glass!
See recipe at Whole Living

Banana Mocha Non Milk Shake (by Eat Healthy)
Coffee lovers or just anyone after a shake with attitude will lap this one up! There’s espresso, cacao nibs, ground cinnamon and frozen bananas. Creamy, thick and bursting with flavour.
See recipe at The Healthy Eating Site

Strawberry-Banana Tofu Shake – Body + Soul
Another tremendously healthy shake that can be stored up to three days in the fridge. You can also mix and match the fruit ingredients depending on what is in season or what you have in the house.
See recipe at Whole Living

Jamie Fruit Smoothie
(Jamie Oliver)
I was pleasantly surprised to see Jamie Oliver had this exciting and unusual dairy free smoothie. Along with the fruit there is coconut milk, lime and cardamom. Sounds a little Thai and definitely worth a try!
See recipe at Jamie Oliver

Low Fat Green Tea, Honey and Nutmeg Smoothies
(David Lieberman)
You just need to substitute the vanilla frozen yogurt here for your favourite non-dairy brand and then all you need is two more things: green tea and honey!
See recipe at the Food Network

Strawberry Almond Smoothie
(by Adina Niemerow, photograph – Ellie Miller)
A pretty pink smoothie containing figs, frozen strawberries, almonds and coconut water.
See recipe at Food and Wine

avocado-smoothiesAvocado Pear Smoothie – from Martha Stewart Living
I know some people are surprised to think of using an avocado in their drinks but try it out before you diss it. After all, avocado is technically a fruit and it will make your smoothie ever so creamy and exotic. The pear juice, honey and vanilla really compliment the other ingredients.

Two of my Tried and Tested Favorites
Firstly, if you haven’t tried smoothies with frozen bananas then ‘oh, my goodness’ you need to stock up on some organic, fair trade ‘nanas now because your smoothies are about to get creamy and turn it upside down kinda thick! Just peel the banana, break into small pieces and freeze in whatever container you have. Always try and keep a stash in your freezer (with frozen berries).

Banana Berry Heaven
I have been sipping on this for years and years. You can use either orange juice or apple juice (about 250ml) and then just toss into a blender as many frozen berries and frozen banana pieces as you desire. It is pure health and happiness in a glass.

Banana Thick Shake
This one is so simple but so satisfying. Just use 250ml of your favourite dairy free milk (or homemade almond milk) and add lots of frozen banana pieces and a dollop of honey (or agave syrup) to sweeten. Next, decide whether to enjoy with a straw or spoon!

raw-chocolate-smoothieCafe Gratitude – I Am Luscious – Raw Chocolate Smoothie
I stumbled across this smoothie from Cafe Gratitude’s menu and it sounded so delicious that I had to mention it here! Unfortunately, I can’t make it to their cafe today in San Francisco but I will try and replicate a similar glass of heaven here at home. Their drink has: hazelnut milk, figs, dates, raw cacao & vanilla.
Visit Cafe Gratitude

Need a Glass Straw with your Smoothie?
I just got my glass straws last week from GlassDharma and they are magnificent. The coloured ones are so pretty and you can tell they have been made with such great care. Protect your health and teeth by avoiding icky and disposable plastic straws and try using these glass straws if you can. Here is some more info on the straws if you are interested.

Do-Ni – The Prettiest Vegan Ballerina Shoes

Do-Ni vegan ballerinas are the sweetest shoes you will find and one of the few shoe labels out there that have a whole lot of soul and substance behind the style (forgive me, I had to have fun with the word soul just once). I was introduced to these stunning shoes via English Retread’s blog and now my feet and I could not be happier knowing that there are Do-Ni shoes in the world! Do-Ni translates to the word, ‘gifts’ in Italian and when you buy a pair of these precious shoes, 100% of the retail proceeds will be donated to participating non-profit organisations. You can choose from a wonderful range of beneficiaries that all help the planet, people and animals in profound ways (Animal Acres, Medicines Global and FA Home Away from Homelessness are just some examples of the worthy organizations).

Once you’ve selected your organization, the next decision involves picking your favorite shade of ballerina shoe! Not an easy decision when you see how designer worthy they all look with their lovely, French ribbon bows, luscious color range and the option of having an Audrey-esque medallion on either the black or champagne shoes!

Decisions and pretty shoes are never a good combination. I could ramble off numerous reasons for needing each and every pair on offer – black (quintessential classic), champagne (for when you are feeling fancy), grass (to prove green is glam), ruby (for a Dorothy moment) and amethyst (chic alternative to black).
do-ni-vegan-ballerina-shoes-2Whichever pair you pick, they are guaranteed to pretty-fy any outfit instantly and will look sublime day or night, with jeans or with a vintage dress. A girl definitely needs a pair of ballet flats in her shoe collection. You will live in them and practically start skipping with delight at how these shoes combine much desired comfort with lashings of style!

Designers Nancy Dong and Carlotta Fiorini not only added their immense amount of talent, creativity and compassion to these shoes but they also added their names to the label (Do from Dong + Ni from Fiorini = Do-Ni). Nancy has previously worked at Charmone and now has her own shoe collection, Kailia (will feature them in an upcoming post soon) and Carlotta has experience at Gucci and also has her own delicious shoe line, Carlotta Fiorini.

Do-Ni ballerina shoes are hand made in Portugal with the ‘best leather-free materials from Italy’, water based glues, recycled insole boards and ribbons from France. Ooh la la! The champagne and black ballerinas are $119 or $135 with medallion and the remaining grass, amethyst and ruby ballerinas are all $119.